Hani Stuns In Gorgeous Photoshoot For #Legend Magazine

 Hani Stuns In Gorgeous Photoshoot For #Legend Magazine

Hani shows off her modeling skills once more in a new photoshoot for #legend magazine!

The beautiful EXID star talks about her recent work as an actress in the drama “XX.” She said that she was surprised to find how much fun she is having in her first acting role and now realizes that she wants to continue working as an actress for a long time.

In the photoshoot, Hani showed off a chic, feminine style. She is seen in a variety of looks such as a gorgeous black dress, a pink, plaid skirt with denim jacket, a half-leather trench coat and heels, and more.

The magazine is read as “Hashtag Legend” and is based on Hong Kong. In one of the photos, Hani left a person message to her fans in Hong Kong and abroad. “I will try my best to see you all more often through various activities,” she stated. “Please follow me on the next steps of my journey, like you’ve done up to now. Have a happy 2020!,” she ended, “I love you guys!”

Check out the photos from the editorial below, then pick up the newest copy of the magazine to read more from Hani!

Meda: #legend Magazine

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