Donghae And BewhY To Release New Track Entitled “HARMONY”

 Donghae And BewhY To Release New Track Entitled “HARMONY”

An unusual collaboration is coming to the K-pop world! Donghae of Super Junior and rapper BewhY are soon to release a song together!

The new track is entitled “HARMONY” and a teaser photo for the collaboration was just released via social media. Fans of Donghae were already aware he was working on a song entitled “HARMONY” after he revealed the news in a concert last week. However, the news of the collaboration has surprised the K-pop world, making them look forward to the unexpected combo.

Last week, Donghae revealed that he had written a song called “HARMONY,” and that it was of the Gospel genre. It’s unclear if its sound is based on Gospel songs or if it’s actually religious in nature. However, given that both Donghae and BewhY are outspoken Christians, it seems likely this will be a faith-based song— especially as a large portion of BewhY’s tracks are also religious works, despite being released through secular labels.

According to Korean news, the single will be released digitally under Donghae’s name in late February.

Check out the teaser below, then stay tuned for more details about this collaboration!

Media: Lee Donghae Twitter

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