GET THE LOOK (FOR LESS!): Red Velvet’s Elegant & Trendy Fashion For “Psycho”

 GET THE LOOK (FOR LESS!): Red Velvet’s Elegant & Trendy Fashion For “Psycho”

Every K-pop fan can agree that Red Velvet always has a chic, feminine style that is distinct and fashionable! Whether it’s their own airport fashion or the clothes they wear in concept photos and videos, we could all do with a good dose of fashion sense from these lovely ladies!

However, most of us can’t afford Red Velvet’s luxurious, high-end outfits from expensive brands. If we want to imitate their style, we have to get creative! That’s why we’ve taken one of our favorite photos from their recent “Psycho” comeback and put together more affordable outfits that are a close match to Red Velvet’s luxe looks.

Check it out below to see the looks from each member, as well as shopping links provided underneath the outfits. You can also use some of the basic pieces in your own closet (like shoes and bags) to get these Red Velvet looks for even less!


Joy’s look is super feminine with a dash of sexy! Instead of her very expensive blouse, find a dupe that will look just as nice on you. Pair it with a similar leather skirt for a chic and sassy outfit. Instead of the body chain used in her outfit, carry a purse with a chain strap to incorporate a hint of metal into your own look. And if you don’t want the youthful bow in your hair, add your own nod to Red Velvet with these adorable red velvet bow earrings!

Ruffle Blouse – $35.95, Alligator Print Skirt – $11.90, Ankle Boot – $17.80, Red Velvet Bow Earrings – $2.63, Crossbody Bag – $12.34


To keep the price of this outfit down, we opted to use a polka-dotted blouse with a skirt instead of a dress. Once you add on this gorgeous pearl belt that is nearly identical to the one worn by Yeri, however, the outfit looks like a stunning dress that just drips with sophistication. Keeping the accessories simple allowed Yeri’s lovely pink hair to bring needed color to this outfit. Keep the same principal in mind by allowing your makeup look to vamp up this elegant look!

V-Neck Blouse with Sheer Sleeves – $9.59, Pleated Skirt – $5.99, Pearl Belt with Faux Diamond Clasp – $6.99, Satin Slingback Heel – $24.99, Black and White Earrings – $17.29, Oversized Clutch Bag – $8.83


In the teaser photos for “Psycho,” it wasn’t super clear what Wendy had on beneath her gorgeous wool cape. However, in the MV, we see several of the members wearing adorable rompers or shorts with lace tops. As such, we decided to pair our more affordable wool cape with this cute romper. With this gorgeous pearl necklace that is very similar to the one worn by Wendy, just add in a few bright red accents like these red velvet shoes to acknowledge where the inspiration for these ideas came from!

Lace Romper – $15.97, Wool Cape with Toggle Closure – $49.99, Faux Pearl Choker – $7.58, Red Velvet Mary Jane Shoes – $27.89, Black and Red Zipper Clutch – $2.18


Irene’s outfit is simple, yet so much fun! To keep that fun vibe, we added a heart-shaped purse to this outfit and made it unique by adding this adorable “Cute But Psycho” iron-on patch. With a black maxi dress as the base of the outfit, we chose to use this soft, wispy tutu as a tube top, giving it the same vibe as Irene’s more expensive dress. With interesting accessories, this outfit maintains a chic, elegant look while still keeping a fun vibe.

Black Maxi Dress – $12.74, Lace Layered Tutu (used as tube top) – $9.13, Pink Ballet Flats – $12.99, Floral Opera Gloves – $16.98, Head Band and Veil – $3.79, Big Heart Rhinestone Necklace – $28.00, Heart-Shaped Mini Bag – $18.99, “Cute But Psycho” Iron On Patch – $6.11


Seulgi’s outfit presented a bit of a challenge as finding just the right black velvet peplum top wasn’t easy. We eventually found this adorable peplum tube top with an edgy neckline to match the one worn by Seulgi. By adding on a few cheap pearl and rhinestone buttons, this is a very close match to the one in the original outfit! Seulgi wore a skirt in some of her concept photos for “Psycho,” but she wore shorts in the MV. As such, we opted for these sequined, black tweed shorts for a combination of both looks. By adding this gorgeous necklace, you too can look as stylish as Seulgi!

Velvet Peplum Tube Top – $30.00, Pearl & Rhinestone Buttons – $2.98 each, Black Tweed Shorts with Sequins – $7.00, Mary Jane Platform Shoes – $49.95, Over the Knee Socks – $4.99, Faux Diamond Hoops – $0.99, Chandelier Necklace – $22.12, Vintage Beaded Clutch – $2.39

Which of these outfits do you like most? Which one would you be most likely to wear in real life? If you decide to wear your own Red Velvet inspired look in real life, make sure to tag us in your photo on social media.

Who should we feature next on GET THE LOOK (FOR LESS!)? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!


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