#BTSdeservesbetter Trends Worldwide As ARMY Share Frustration Over Collaboration Stage At The Grammy Awards

 #BTSdeservesbetter Trends Worldwide As ARMY Share Frustration Over Collaboration Stage At The Grammy Awards

ARMY have taken to Twitter to share their frustration over a collaboration stage involving BTS at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

The awards aren’t until Sunday, but a video was released today showing a portion of the rehearsal for the stage. The performance is actually one by Lil Nas X and involves various people who recorded a remix with him of his hit song “Old Town Road.” Along with people like Diplo, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Mason Ramsey, BTS’ RM also recorded a remix with Lil Nas X entitled “Seoul Town Road.” As such, all of these artists were invited to perform as part of a joint collaboration for Lil Nas X’s Grammys stage.

The news that BTS would be performing at the Grammys made headlines around the world, as everyone from VARIETY, Forbes, ELLE, and Newsweek reported the news. What once excited the group’s fans, however, soon become a trending topic online after the rehearsal clip was released.

The short video appears to show Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus (who recorded the hit remix of the song which shot it to stardom) performing the song at the front of the stage, while a rotating stage behind them turns to show the others who did a remix as well. Although the rehearsal shows RM and the other members of BTS singing and enjoying their time, many fans weren’t happy with what they saw. Many took to social media to vent how they felt BTS was being used as backup singers and dancers. The overall issue didn’t seem to sit well with many fans, especially as the organization skipped over the deserving group when it came to nominations for this year’s awards. The omission became an important topic at the time as fans and media alike wondered if BTS’ lack of nominations were a sign that the Grammys preferred keeping the awards in the Western world.

After the rehearsal video was released, the hashtag #BTSdeservesbetter soon became the number one trending topic worldwide, with fans sharing their own fan cams and videos of BTS’ amazing stages in Korea or on tour.

Although it appears many fans are unhappy with the collaboration stage, perhaps things may turn out better than they expect once the full performance is shown on Sunday during the live Grammy Awards broadcast.

In the meantime, check out the rehearsal below!

(*Please note that since this article was published, the original video has been turned to private. As such we will include the portions of BTS during rehearsal as seen in fans’ tweets online.)

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