GET THE LOOK (FOR LESS!): G-Dragon’s January 2020 Airport Fashion

 GET THE LOOK (FOR LESS!): G-Dragon’s January 2020 Airport Fashion

We’ve all been waiting to see what G-Dragon would do first upon getting out of the military! For those who follow the star, it should come as no surprise that one of his first projects upon becoming a civilian once more was getting involved in the fashion world.

The BIGBANG star’s collaboration with Nike was a massive success, with everyone from fans to fellow celebrities clamoring for a pair. Now, he’s joining in fashion week events, making the world take notice of what he was wearing when flying from Seoul to Rome last week on his way to a fashion show. The outfit was laid-back, yet still luxurious, all while maintaining that G-Dragon flair that earns him love from both fellow fashionistas and fans.

Cr. Dispatch

We don’t all have the budget of a millionaire, however! So, if we want to incorporate some of GD’s style into our own wardrobe, we need to get the look for less. As such, we put together a look as similar to G-Dragon’s own luxury branded outfit as possible for just a fraction of the cost. Check it out below!


Almost all of the things in our version of GD’s outfit we found on ebay! With most sellers offering worldwide shipping, ebay is a wonderful place to shop when you want great prices. The only two things that were a struggle to find very similar pieces to were G-Dragon’s two-toned plaid shirt (which sells for several hundred dollars) and his bag (as finding a large, quilted bag that still kept the spirit of G-Dragon’s luxurious one was a bit of a challenge). As such, we found a slightly different plaid shirt which was under $20 and a smaller bag that would suit most fans’ needs. Using a few basic pieces like the jeans and hat, while adding in some additional things like the pins and bag, this outfit came out right at $150… far, far less than G-Dragon’s total look.

See what we used here. Just click on the names of the items to be redirected to the items’ pages on ebay: Shirt: $18.37 USD, Jeans: $10.95 USD, Jacket: $32.95 USD, Shoes: $34.99, Beanie Hat: $7.59, Bag: $31.35, Sunglasses: $7.99, Cameo Pin: $4.69, Circle Pin: $1.98


Instead of ordering basic things that are likely part of your wardrobe already, just use a pair of jeans you already have. You can also use any beanie that you have around the house — it doesn’t have to be blue like G-Dragon’s hat. In addition, you can just use any flannel shirt that you or a family member have as it’s not necessary for it to be two different plaids. The main things in this look are the bomber jacket, shoes, bag, and pins. Those are what give an otherwise simple outfit the flair that GD lends to his look. It’s about looking casual but still having a chic, luxurious touch that show off your style with accessories. GD’s bag, shoes, and jewelry are what takes this look to the next level. So, use the basic pieces you have in your closet, then just add a few extra things such as the jacket and pins to adapt this look for even less money than you expected. You can even just buy the bomber jacket and add your own funky shoes and dressy bag to get the same effect. Add the pins listed below and that means you can get the look for only a little more than $40. You can even head to a local thrift store and find almost everything you need for the full outfit there. Don’t have the money for the jacket? Just use your own casual jacket such as a camo jacket or shirt. Add some of your mother’s or friend’s pins on the jacket to get that casual vibe with elegant accessories, and your look will be an adaptation of GD’s outfit that won’t cost you a thing!

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Media & Featured Image: Dispatch
Outfit Image: What The Kpop

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