Year: 2020

Catherine Haena Kim And More Asian-American Celebrities Fight Prejudice With New PSA For #WashTheHate Movement

Launched in March 2020, #WashTheHate is a digital campaign that aims to raise awareness about COVID-19 related violence against the Asian community. After the initial campaign in March, a new portion of the project has begun this month in conjunction with Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. In the midst of celebrating their roots this month, […]Read More

Asian Artists Band Together For #OURIDENTITY Event To Fight Discrimination And Provide COVID-19 Relief

Artists of Asian heritage all over the globe prepare for a star-studded event! #OURIDENTITY: Project Blue Marble is a digital event that celebrates Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the U.S.. The special collaboration aims to raise funds for COVID-19 relief and to combat senseless discrimination against the Asian community. Presented by Transparent […]Read More