WATCH: DAWN Is Battered And Bruised In Impressive “MONEY” MV For Official Solo Debut

 WATCH: DAWN Is Battered And Bruised In Impressive “MONEY” MV For Official Solo Debut

DAWN has made his solo debut!

On November 5th at 6 p.m. KST, DAWN made his solo debut with the track “MONEY.” The former PENTAGON member used to promote as E’Dawn, but he is getting a fresh start with an adjusted name and under the new label P-NATION.

“MONEY” is the artist’s debut single track and was written by DAWN and PSY, the P-NATION founder himself. In addition, both PSY and DAWN worked on composing the song as well.

With a fresh sound, DAWN is able to show off his true colors in the track, taking on a half-rap, half-vocals performance that manages to be both emotional and beautiful. Meanwhile, the video itself shows DAWN broken and battered in what seems to be a nod to his life experiences, especially after his bad parting with Cube Entertainment when it was confirmed he was dating fellow artist HyunA.

As the singer obsesses over money in the video, we also see phrases and sayings in the background like “How bad do you want it?” and “Let your dreams be your wings.” Overall, the combined effect is a wonderful start to DAWN’s new career as a soloist.

Meanwhile, DAWN’s girlfriend HyunA also held her comeback today with “FLOWER SHOWER.” As the two are both artists under P-NATION, a joint press conference was held where the two young artists talked about their new releases and the sense of competition with each other to make these new tracks perfect. Due in part to their split with Cube Entertainment, fans are especially rooting for both artists to have success with their new releases.

Check out DAWN’s new track and MV below! What do you think?


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