Cultural Museum In Mexico To Hold Special Exhibition For Super Junior’s 14th Anniversary

 Cultural Museum In Mexico To Hold Special Exhibition For Super Junior’s 14th Anniversary

Exciting news for Super Junior fans in Mexico! A special exhibit is soon heading your way.

On October 30th, the INAH Museo Nacional de las Culturas del Mundo (INAH National Museum of World Cultures) announced they would be hosting a special exhibit in honor of Super Junior’s upcoming 14th anniversary. The special exhibit will include posters, promotional goods, and more, as well as a special showing of one of Super Junior’s famous “Super Show” concerts.

The exhibit is entitled “Super Junior: 14 Años de Trayectoria” or “Super Junior: 14 Years Of Experience” (this is a loose translation to imply the meaning rather than the exact definition since “trayectoria” can refer to a career or even things like a path, road, trajectory, a mark someone has left, etc). The exhibition is being referred to as a “Journey of K-pop” by the museum and will be held on Saturday, November 9th at 2:00 p.m. in the Eusebio Dávalos Hall at the museum.

The museum is one of five museums in the nation run by the National Institute of Anthropology and History. The museum says they are “the only museum that shows objects of international origin gathered from different ways of life, values, customs and beliefs that help us understand cultural diversity, rather than solely for beauty or historical value.” The museum is a national monument and often holds special exhibits that range from things like “1968: Images and Words That Transformed The World” to “150 Years Of Natural History In Mexico.” The museum also has a permanent exhibit about Korea called “Korea: The Land of the Morning Calm” and have shown their support of the Korean Wave through things like their Hallyu Fest event.

The special exhibition will be held free of charge and is open to the public. For more information, visit the website for the museum here or click here to see the exhibit information on the museums’ social media post.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is known to be very popular in many Latin and South American countries, particularly Mexico. In fact, the largest Super Junior concert outside of Asia was held in Mexico with approximately 15,000 people in attendance at the sold-out venue.

Congratulations to Super Junior for having their impact recognized by this historical museum in Mexico!


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