PHOTO GALLERY: KARD Closes Out U.S. Tour With Epic Concert In Atlanta

 PHOTO GALLERY: KARD Closes Out U.S. Tour With Epic Concert In Atlanta

KARD‘s U.S. tour has drawn to an end with an epic concert in Atlanta!

On October 27th at the city’s Buckhead Theatre, KARD took to the stage for the last stop of their 2019 WILD KARD IN USA tour. The night, to say the least, was a fantastic time of great music with a super hype crowd that even got the artists themselves more excited.

As someone who has attended many K-pop concerts, fan-meetings, and events as both a fan and a member of the press, I can safely say that I’ve heard some outrageously loud crowds whose cheers still rang in my ears even after the night was over. However, as KARD walked out onto the stage to take their places for the first number, the screams of the fans went well beyond deafening— they were actually painful! As someone who had a pair of earplugs in my purse, I thought I would put them on until the crowd calmed down. However, even with the earplugs, their screams and cheers came through clearly. To compensate, the speakers were turned up even more until the music was literally buzzing the backs and bottoms of the seats up in the balcony.

The group opened with “Bomb Bomb” before moving into songs like “Don’t Recall” and “Oh NaNa.” While BM and J.seph looked cool and casual in their dark pants and either loose jackets or plaid shirts, Somin and Jiwoo looked beautiful in sexy outfits of the contrasting colors of gold and red. Glittering under the lights, the group showed off their fun choreography and high-energy stage presence.

As the night progressed, the group took plenty of time to talk with fans, interact with the crowd and display their great personalities and fun fan service. In addition, they also split into various units to perform special stages for the audience. BM performed the solo track “OO Yeah” before J.seph joined him to perform the song “Inferno” together. After that, Somin and Jiwoo teamed up to cover the hit track “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes.

At this point, most audiences would have calmed down a little bit and settled in to enjoy the concert without such overwhelming screaming, but that wasn’t the case for KARD’s Atlanta fans. In fact, it seemed like the cheers of the crowd just grew even louder as the night went on. As Atlanta fans are always known for being loud and passionate, the members of KARD kept commenting how they had heard about how hype the crowd was in Atlanta and saying how crazy it all was. With the high energy from the crowd, the members continued getting even more excited with each song as they performed each fast-paced track without ever slowing down.

After performing more of their own songs, the group then performed two covers together: “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande and “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake. The night got hotter, the dances even sexier, and the crowd even crazier as the group continued the event.

Stopping for various special videos and to give out merch, KARD even noticed people in the crowd who were celebrating birthdays and stopped to sing happy birthday with the entire crowd of people— something BM said they have never done before at a concert!

When the show finally came to an end and it was time for the encore, the crowd went absolutely insane as KARD jumped around the stage, threw water at the crowd (and poured it on each other), and got close to fans as they took selfies, gave high-fives to people in the audience, and much more. With “Dumb Litty” as the biggest hit of the night, the entire venue was deafening as people danced, sang, and screamed while KARD rocked the stage until the very last minute of the event.

Without a doubt it was a night that KARD’s fandom will not be forgetting any time soon!

Did you attend the Atlanta stop of KARD’s 2019 WILD KARD IN USA tour? What did you think of the concert? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

In the meantime, check out more of our photos from the night below!

Many thanks to SubKulture Entertainment, KARD, and DSP Media for allowing us to attend the concert.

Media: Elizabeth Bruce for What The Kpop

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