SEVENTEEN QUIZ: Which “An Ode” Unit Song Are You?

 SEVENTEEN QUIZ: Which “An Ode” Unit Song Are You?

With SEVENTEEN soon to come to the U.S for their world tour Ode to You, we have a fun quiz to prepare you for their concerts! SEVENTEEN has three units: Hip-Hop, Vocal, and Performance. Each unit is definitely talented, but which one of the units’ new songs speaks to you the most? Find out by taking our quiz below!

Paradoxicalsuds has been into K-pop since high school and has grown to not only love the music, but the Korean culture, language, and rich history. An avid Sone, Primadonna, Elvis, and IGOT7, she has also cascaded into Seventeen’s Diamond Life and has no wish of ever escaping. When she’s not writing on WTK, you can find her reading various books and drinking tea with her various pets.

Photo credit: Pledis Entertainment.

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