From SPEED Member To Solo Artist: A Beginner’s Guide To IONE

 From SPEED Member To Solo Artist: A Beginner’s Guide To IONE

K-pop is full of many talented idol groups that have fans across the globe. However, there are also many talented and wonderful solo artists as well. Although many are famous and well-known, others go under the radar or are largely underrated. That doesn’t make them any less amazing, however!

Here’s your chance to learn all about the talented solo artist IONE! Curious about who he is and want to learn more? This guide is here to answer your questions and help you become a fan as you learn about him and his music.

Check it out below!

Step 1: Know the Basics

IONE was born on March 4, 1992. He is a soloist with SE M&M Entertainment. He is a former member of the group SPEED where he promoted under the stage name Taeha. His real name is Oh Sungjong.

IONE (pronounced “i-one”) was first a DSP Entertainment trainee and a prospective member of A-jax. He was then added to SPEED’s lineup in October 2012. SPEED officially debuted on January 17, 2013, under MBK Entertainment. In late 2015, MBK Entertainment removed their profile page from the official website and it was reported that the group was disbanded. The group was known for their hard-hitting songs and amazing choreography.

IONE went on to make his solo debut with his first digital single “Back” on June 24, 2016, followed by “Treasure” on December 02, 2016. He signed with Kiwi Media Group on April 24, 2017. However, he is assumed to have left soon afterwards as his two of his releases (“All The Things” and “I Don’t Love You”) are listed under DH Play Entertainment.

IONE was a member of the dance crew Men of the Future (MOTF) from 2016-2017. He auditioned for the survival show “MixNine” in late 2017, along with fellow SPEED member Woo Taewoon and former A-jax member Moon Jihu. However, he didn’t make it through.

IONE then signed with SE M&M Entertainment in November 2018 and is still with this label until now.

Step 2: His MVs

Although IONE has released several songs already, his title song “Idea” from the album of the same name is the first one to include a music video. It was released on September 6, 2019. You can watch it below!

In addition, he also has an official live performance video for his track “I Don’t Love You.”

He also has official audio videos for his songs “All The Things” and “Letter.” Watch them below to listen to these great songs.

Step 3: His Shows:

IONE made a comeback with his “Idea” album in Music Bank on September 13, 2019. There are multiple live performances that fans can watch, but you can view the comeback stage below.

As a member of SPEED, he also appeared on episode 53 of “After School Club” in 2013.

He also appeared with SPEED on “Weekly Idol” in 2011. You can click here to watch it on YouTube.

Step 4: Get To Know IONE

IONE was born in Seoul, South Korea. He is believed to have scored a total of 90 points on everything in school.

His hobbies are watching movies, walking, dancing and collecting figurines. He has a huge interest for the latest electronic products. He’s also a huge fan of Pokemon and Iron Man.

His role model is BIGBANG’s Taeyang. His ideal type is someone cute, with nice personality, and shorter than him.

He loves to share photos and videos of his dog Audrey on Instagram and Facebook.

IONE’s height from his SPEED profile is 176 cm and his blood type is A.

Step 5: Inside Information

Fandom Joke: In a private Instagram message, one of his fans asked him what his official fandom name would be. He replied,”❤.” So, when anyone ask about the fandom name, his fans say “❤.” So, until there is an official fandom name, “❤” is the unofficial one.

Step 6: The Most Iconic Videos

You can also watch one of our favorite cute IONE moments on Instagram by clicking here.

Step 7: Follow IONE On SNS

YouTube –
Instagram –
Soundcloud –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Company Website –

Step 8: The Albums

View his full discography and artist information on his artist page by clicking here.

Mini albums

  • Idea (2019)

Digital singles

  • “Back” (2016)
  • “Treasure” (2016)
  • “I Don’t Love You” (2018)
  • “All The Things” (2018)
  • “Unreal” (2019)


  • MYONGBITWINZ – “Rainy Season” (2013)

Step 9: What You Need To Know

IONE is known to be down-to-earth and really sweet and nice to fans. He regularly likes fans’ comments on his posts on social medias, favorites their comments they leave on his YouTube channel, and more. It might be a small fandom without an official fandom name, but fans feel close to IONE since they know he follows their comments and interacts with them, making them feel special. A talented artist and a nice guy too? We love it!

You should also know that IONE does a lot of amazing covers on his YouTube channel, singing everything from Shaun’s smash hit “Way Back Home” to Billie Eilish’s song “bad guy.” Check out one of his great covers below!

Were you able to learn a lot about IONE? Which of his songs is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

*Many thanks to the IONE Fandom ❤️ for compiling the information in this article and spreading their love of IONE!

Media: As Credited, IONE Official

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