An NCTzen’s Review Of NCT Dream In Indonesia

 An NCTzen’s Review Of NCT Dream In Indonesia

YO DREAM! Yes, that’s the line that NCT Dream members usually chant. Indonesian NCTzens were lucky to meet all six Dream members recently through the Korean Wave Concert with RuangGuru! This concert was held by the Indonesian TV company TransTV, who also invited Red Velvet as their guest star not long ago.

Since it’s the first time the adorable Dreamies came to perform in Indonesia, the enthusiasm from the crowd was crazy! This was evident from the start as many fans lined up since the early morning hours in order to get a front row view. In the concert, there were also other Indonesian artists such as Rossa (who we know has joined SM Entertainment Indonesia), Cakra Khan, Via Vallen and many more!

The concert that was held on August 10th at Ecovention Hall Ancol in Jakarta, and the end result was proof that Indonesian NCTzens completely adore NCT Dream! They were singing along to every word and completing the fan chants perfectly. The atmosphere inside the venue was truly on fire!

NCT Dream after their performance in Indonesia.

For the concert, NCT Dream performed four songs in total: “My First and Last,” “We Go Up,” “Stronger,” and “Boom.” The way the group performed, as well as their great fan service towards the audience, was absolutely lovable. NCT Dream also learned to say things in the local language like “aku cinta kamu” which means “I love you.” Most shockingly, they even learned a famous Indonesian slang phrase “Mantul” which means “the best!” Indonesian NCTzens were falling in love more and more that night with the members. They also did lots of aegyo and NCTzens were loving it!

Indonesian NCTzens was really lucky to have the group perform that night and are already hoping to see them again.

Were you present at the concert? What did you think? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

Adela is an SNS manager for What The Kpop and a hardcore fan of NCT! Stay tuned for her upcoming Indonesian radio broadcast on WTK Radio.

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