WATCH: ATEEZ Invites You To Experience “Wonderland” In Comeback MV

 WATCH: ATEEZ Invites You To Experience “Wonderland” In Comeback MV

ATEEZ impresses once again!

On October 8th KST, the group released their first ever studio album along with a music video for their lead single, “Wonderland.”

Boasting a powerful drum and brass sound, “Wonderland” gives off an exhilarating revolutionary feel. Members Hongjoong and Mingi are both credited as co-writers and were also heavily involved with creating lyrics and composing music of the rest of the EP.

The song is part of a line-up written through a collaborative effort between EDEN, LEEZ, Buddy, and Ollounder. The four had all worked previously with the idol group and is responsible for the composing the title track.

ATEEZ’s first full album is called TREASURE EP.FIN : All To Action and features 11 new tracks. It is the fourth and final piece of the group’s Treasure series, closing out an era.

Watch the music video here!

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