WATCH: AB6IX Sings About Being “BLIND FOR LOVE” In Comeback MV

 WATCH: AB6IX Sings About Being “BLIND FOR LOVE” In Comeback MV

Another amazing song has been released!

AB6IX returns on October 7th KST to showcase their first full album and latest title track called, “BLIND FOR LOVE.”

The deep house track is about the boys’ willingness to do anything for someone they love and is accompanied by an aesthetic music video that shows off their “eye-covered dance” points that symbolizes being blinded by their feelings.

The group’s new lead single was co-written and co-composed by member Daehwi. Youngmin and Woojin also contributed to its overall sound by creating the rap parts of the song. ABS6IX’s first full album, entitled 6IXENSE, includes 11 tracks in total and contains the members’ own “SENSE” of what they like and love.

The team debuted with “BREATHE” in May 2019 under Brand New Music.

Watch the music video below!

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MEDIA: Brand New Music

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