Becoming A Stay: A Beginner’s Guide To Stray Kids

 Becoming A Stay: A Beginner’s Guide To Stray Kids

Without a doubt, all K-pop fans these days have heard about the group Stray Kids! You’ve likely already hear some of the songs from Stray Kids (also referred to as SKZ), seen some of their videos online, or seen them on variety shows. However, with so many great groups in K-pop, it can be daunting trying to learn about another group.

Stray Kids is a great group with a lot of amazing music, so they’re definitely worth learning about and becoming a fan of their music. Do you want to start, but are still wondering exactly who they are? Worry no more! This beginner’s guide to Stray Kids can help! The most important information has been compiled for you in this simple guide, so you can spend less time researching and more time falling in love with Stay Kids.

Let’s take your first step to becoming an official STAY by reading below!

Step 1: Know The Basics

  1. Stray Kids is a self-sustaining group from JYP Entertainment. They compose their own songs, produce their own music, and even create their own choreography for their songs.
  2. SKZ has nine members: Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.
  3. The group went through a survival show that determined the number of their member that would debut. Two of them (Lee Know and Felix) were eliminated at first, but they were later given a second chance by JYP founder Park Jin Young himself. As such, they ended up debuting with the other members.
  4. The group debuted on March 25th, 2018. A showcase entitled Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 1: I Am Not) was held at Jangchung Arena in Seoul.
  5. Prior to the group’s full debut, they had a sub-unit called 3RACHA. The trio still composes music together and consists of members Bang Chan, Han, and Changbin.
  6. The fandom, which is called STAY, was formed on August 1st, 2018, right before the group’s comeback with I Am Who?.
  7. According to Bang Chan, who is the group’s leader, the meaning behind their group name is that even though they are called “strays” (someone without a home or future), they do their best to pave their own way and go against the beliefs of people who didn’t or don’t believe they will succeed.

Step 2: Meet The Kids

1. Bang Chan
Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Producer

This one-of-a-kind leader is from Australia, just like fellow member Felix. He moved to Korea to pursue his dream where he auditioned and joined JYPE in 2010. He then trained for seven years before making his debut. He’s known as CB97 in 3RACHA. He is close with GOT7’s Bambam and Yugyeom, who were his dormmates when they were trainees. This Aussie boy is not only good at making music, he has great skills at being a leader and doing too much aegyo (which will make you cringe everytime!).

2. Woojin
Main Vocalist

Known as a teddy bear, Kim Woojin is a fried chicken addict. In fact, he can guess every fried chicken brand just by smelling and tasting it. He is the oldest in the group and trained in other companies before joining JYPE. In fact, he is still good friends with NCT’s Jungwoo and former Wanna One star Park Ji Hoon, with whom he trained at SM Entertainment. He also plays different instruments like guitar and piano and knows how to do kendo as well. His voice is angelic, so it’s no wonder he is the main vocal of the group.

3. Lee Know
Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper

Lee Know (Lee Minho) is known for having a 4D personality because he is unique and fun to be with. He was once a backup dancer for the K-pop group BTS and was also featured on Nat Geo when he was an auditioning (an iconic scene). He is a cat lover and has a fear of heights. He made famous the iconic line “You know, I know, Lee Know!” and his laugh (which literally sounds “Hahaha”). He also has this habit of blinking three times spontaneously without noticing it.

4. Changbin
Main Rapper, Vocalist, Producer

The ⅔ of 3RACHA called Spearb, Seo Changbin is one of the pillars of the group. You will notice he has a triangle-like shape to his face, which causes the other members to tease him often. He is the smallest of the group, and his aegyo is the cutest! He loves dark things and enjoys horror movies. He has a habit of saying “yOOOOHHH” at random times with no particular reason. He is called “Changbinnie” and “Binsual” by the members.

5. Hyunjin
Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Visual

This charming boy thinks his charming point is his lips (well, I definitely agree!). He has a habit of talking while he is sleeping. He is the tallest in the group, but he acts like he’s the maknae. Nicknamed “The Little Prince,” you’ll notice him right away because of his height and his charming eyes and lips. He studied practical dance at the prestigious School of Performing Arts in Seoul. He is also a well-known fan of fellow JYPE artist Jinyoung of GOT7 and looks up to him as his role model.

6. Han
Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Producer

Han Jisung, also known as J.One in 3RACHA, is the cutest squirrel on earth (you’ll agree with me for sure)! He loves acting silly and is usually imitated by the members because of his heavy breathing after he raps. His rapping skills is really unique, so try watching their live stages to see what I mean. Another member with English-speaking skills, he used to study in Malaysia.

7. Felix
Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper

This deep-voiced Aussie boy is really charming! According to the members, his voice while rapping is like something coming from a deep tunnel, yet he has a charming voice when he sings. His special skill is imitating the sound of a mosquito, and he really loves his freckles. He hates being called Yongbok (his Korean name). Felix is really good at aegyo, too! He also knows Tae Kwon Do and won multiple medals when he was younger.

8. Seungmin
Lead Vocalist

One of the members of the maknae line, Kim Seungmin is really cheerful and loves annoying his members (especially I.N). He loves teasing and pranking his members, which made him become famous as the “prank-lover dandy boy”. He speaks English very well, and he loves photography. In fact, he stated before that if he hadn’t been a singer, he would have been a photographer or a prosecutor. He sings really well also!

9. I.N
Vocalist, Maknae

Uri maknae! This cutie pie from Busan is loved by his members the most. As the youngest, he usually bosses around his hyungs. He had braces on his teeth for 2 years, which he thought was his most charming point, before having them removed in January 2019. He is called a “desert fox” because of his cuteness. He is very musical and can play the piano. He is also a student at the School of Performing Arts in Seoul where he is studying Applied Music.

Step 3: SKZ Discography

Wanna get familiar with Stray Kids’ songs and albums? Check out the full list by clicking here.

Step 4: MVs and Dance Practices

This section will provide you with all their music videos and dance practices. Check out the full playlists below!

Music Videos:

Dance Practices:

Step 5: SKZ Shows

Reality Shows:

“Stray Kids” – the survival show aired by Mnet which determined the group’s debut. You can watch it on OnDemandKorea by clicking here.

“Finding SKZ” – a unique show which showcases the members’ funny side.

“SKZ-TALKER”- a compilation of the members’ self-cams whenever they are on tour or just hanging around.

“Two Kids Room” – short videos of two members inside a room talking about random things.

“The 9th” – a mini-series with different content made by the members themselves. Currently, it is airing its 5th season on YouTube.

Variety Shows:

“Weekly Idol”

“Idol Room”

Step 6: Follow The Group

Click on the following social media outlets or sites to be redirected to the group’s official accounts.

V Live

Step 7: Famous Lines

  • “You know, I know, Lee Know!”
  • “GGGgaaaaaAHHH!”
  • “1+1=Changbinnie!”
  • “yOOOHHHH!”
  • “Rubber duckie, you’re the one~”
  • “Like mate, stop procrastinating”
  • “G’day mate!”
  • “mori apeunda (my head hurts)”
  • “Ahh~ okay, annyeong~”

Step 8: Iconic Videos

These videos and random clips will surely make you day brighter! Check ’em out below.

Step 9: Awards and Nominations

Click here for a list of awards that SKZ has won and been nominated for so far! Some of the most important awards they’ve won to date include “Rookie of the Year” at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards, “New Artist of the Year” at the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards, “Best New Artist” at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards, and “Best New Male Artist” at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

Step 10: Insider Information

  1. Chan is often called “vampire chan” because of his really white complexion.
  2. Lee Know has three cats named Sooni, Doongi, and Dori.
  3. Seungmin learned English in L.A. for three months.
  4. Hyunjin is the hardest to wake up among all the members.
  5. Seungmin and I.N are the only ones without ear piercings.
  6. I.N’s special ability is singing trot.
  7. Chan eats the most among the members.
  8. Seungmin loves taking photos of his members.
  9. I.N hates being annoyed by Seungmin.
  10. Felix is good at aegyo.


Congratulations! If you’ve made it to the end of the list and followed all these steps, listened to all this music, and watched all these shows and videos, then we can almost guarantee that you’ve become a Stray Kids fans!

We hope this guide helped you learn more about these nine talented boys. We officially welcome you to the fandom, STAY! Stan talent! Stan STRAY KIDS! Because YOU MAKE STRAY KIDS STAY ❤

*Many thanks to Stray Kids fan yanyanxx for her hard work in writing this guide for What The Kpop and for compiling all the information and facts included in this post.

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