WATCH: TWICE Send Out A Message Of Reassurance In Ritzy “Feel Special” Music Video

 WATCH: TWICE Send Out A Message Of Reassurance In Ritzy “Feel Special” Music Video

TWICE has made their glamorous return!

On September 23rd at 6 p.m. KST, the nine-member girl group officially made their comeback with their eighth mini-album and music video for their title track called, “Feel Special.”

Together with Ollipop and Hayley Aitken, artist and JYP executive J.Y. Park wrote and composed the song. He reportedly drew inspiration from TWICE’s thoughts and struggles over their careers as idols.

“Feel Special” sends out a message of reassurance and hope for people who feel tired and burdened by doubt. The accompanying music video contains a lavish amount of glitz and sparkle, showing the girls starting out alone but eventually finding their way to each other.

The mini album which shares the same name as the track includes seven tracks in total. It was revealed that the members of TWICE all helped write the songs for this comeback. Jihyo for “Get Loud,” Momo for “Love Foolish,” Nayeon for “Rainbow,” Dahyun for “Trick It,” and TWICE came together as a team to pen lines for “21:29.”

Mina has participated in the album and music video shoot but will refrain from taking part in promotional activities with the rest of the group in order to focus on her mental health. We hope she rests and recovers well!

Watch the music video below!

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MEDIA: JYP Entertainment

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