Songs Just For YOU: 7 Amazing Songs From EXO’s Chen

 Songs Just For YOU: 7 Amazing Songs From EXO’s Chen

No matter what kind of music you enjoy in the K-pop world, you have to admit that Kim Jongdae, otherwise knows as EXO’s Chen, has one of the best voices currently in the K-pop industry. He is not just a main vocalist for his famous group, but he also made a name for himself by singing OST from different dramas and releasing his own solo albums. To celebrate his birthday, which falls on September 21st, check out the list below to find out just what a powerful and skillful vocalist he is.

1. “Best Luck” ( It’s Okay, That’s Love OST)

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This is the first official soundtrack that Chen sang. Some reports even say that he recorded the whole song in just one take! This a special indirect collaboration between him and fellow EXO member D.O, who was a part of the cast of the drama.

2. “Everytime” ( Descendants of the Sun OST)

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This song really made our hearts flutter every time it would play in between scenes of this famous drama, especially during the beautiful, slow-motion moments between the main leads. In this song, you can also hear how great of an artist Chen is and how his voice fits well to the song.

3. “Flower”

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This song is from Chen’s first solo album April, and a Flower that was released in April of this year. Not only did he sing the song, he also wrote the lyrics for the track. According to an interview with Chen, the song’s message is about hope.

4. “Cherry Blossom Love Song” (100 Days My Prince OST)

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As with Chen’s track for It’s Okay, That’s Love, this is also a special moment as Chen sang the OST for this drama which starred D.O in his first leading role in a regular drama series. The song touches our hearts as it talks about remembering your loved one and how they looked as they stood beneath a cherry blossom tree.

5. EXO’s “Drop That”

Media: MNET (Start from 1:52)

This song may not have been recorded by Chen alone, but you will still be impressed when you listen to his vocals in this song. No one expected this high-energy, rap-based performance from EXO at the 2015 MAMAs, but they fully delivered a fun performance that got the place rocking. However, the most impressive moment to many is when Chen went into a super high note that he held for an incredibly long time. Watching him perform this, you will undoubtedly get goosebumps as you realize the power of his vocals!

6. “Uprising”


At first, many K-pop fans only knew Chen for his lovely ballad voice and clear vocal performances, so people were shocked when they heard him tackle this high-pitched rock song full of power and strength. As a short solo at EXO’s first concert tour in Japan, both the fans that were present and those who watched the video later were blown away by his epic performance.

7. “Beautiful Goodbye”


Perhaps no other idol has made such a beautiful solo debut as Chen did with the gorgeous track “Beautiful Goodbye.” A perfect arrangement with simple piano accompaniment that allowed Chen’s soulful voice to ring out clearly with emotion and control, this song left people in awe as they watched the moving video. As such, this makes it one of fans’ favorite songs from Chen!

Chen is definitely a talented vocalist and an amazing performer. From rock tracks and pop songs to beautiful ballads, there is no doubt that Chen is an amazing and versatile singer! In fact, fans can get excited as Chen will be releasing his next solo album on October 1st!

In the meantime, we’d like to wish Chen a happy birthday from everyone here at WTK!

Did you like the songs on this list? What other tracks would you have included? Let us know by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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