10 Beautiful Songs Written By Super Junior’s Sungmin For His MilkyWave Project

 10 Beautiful Songs Written By Super Junior’s Sungmin For His MilkyWave Project

It comes as no surprise to Super Junior fans that member Lee Sungmin is incredibly talented! Part of the group since 2005, he has shown the public his amazing vocals, drum, guitar, and piano skills, acting capabilities, variety show skills, charming aegyo, lovely personality, and so much more over the years. Although he is currently on hiatus from promotions with the group (although we wish he would become active once more), Sungmin stays busy starring in musicals, as well as creating content for his popular YouTube channel LIUstudio.

Filled with funny videos, daily vlogs, health and beauty tutorials, and much more, it’s certain that Sungmin’s channel doesn’t lack for quality content or fresh videos. Out of everything on his channel, however, one of the most popular video series is his MilkyWave project. After beginning his channel in early 2018, he started writing songs under the name Liu. Along with his friend Im Haeun, a talented musician whom he met in the military, the two began a composing and music group called MilkyWave. In fact, the duo’s songs are so beautiful, they sold one of them to a Korean artist who included it on his album.

The name MilkyWave was derived from the two musicians’ joke about their very pale skin, yet the main reason comes from the fact that their music style is smooth and mellow just like creamy milk.

The first Saturday of the month, the duo releases a self-composed song on Sungmin’s YouTube channel with each video starting off with a short greeting and explanation about the song. What makes the songs so special is the fact that most of them are written for fans who write in with their difficulties or stories.

As such, we’ve put together a list of some of the most beautiful songs Sungmin has composed or co-composed as Liu for MilkyWave! Check out the beautiful ballads below.

1. “Only You”

This beautiful song starts at minute 1:15 and tells the sad story of loving someone from afar, too afraid to approach them for fear of being rejected. Although their reason for living is just for that person, they live silently, just hoping the other person will one day notice their love.

2. “Seu Reu Reu (Zzz)”

Starting at minute 1:20, this song manages to perfectly capture the lazy feeling you have right before going to sleep on a hot summer night. It manages to be both nostalgic and relatable since everyone can recall that half-asleep state when the evening is warm and you just want to lay in bed and drift off to dream land.

3. “별 (Star)”

One of the most popular songs from the MilkyWave project, Sungmin wrote this song for people who are struggling in life. With an encouraging message that relates to the feelings of frustration in not being able to achieve your dreams yet, “별 (star)” starts at minute 1:15. In addition, a few other people worked on this song with their songwriting and instrument skills, making the sound even more special

4. “To The Moon”

“To The Moon” is a personal and special song for both Sungmin and Haeun. For Sungmin especially, who— to the demand of some fans— was unfairly put on hiatus from Super Junior after his marriage, the song seems extra meaningful as he sings of getting over walls to keep on pursuing his dreams. Finding a new place with Haeun to showcase his music, he said that the song, which starts at 2:30, conveys the duo’s dedication to each other as they produce their music through MilkyWave.

5. “Make The Earth Move”

This sweet song has a bright, charming sound that will enchant listeners with its confession of love. “Make The Earth Move” starts at minute 1:25 and is a jazz-inspired track with a great melody and warm tone as Sungmin’s vocals sing of finding a new purpose due to love.

6. “You Take My Breath Away”

“You Take My Breath Away” is a beautiful song of love that Sungmin wrote as the congratulatory song for his cousin’s wedding. The song wasn’t released to his fans, however, until one fan wrote in asking if he would send a congratulations message for the wedding of her friend, who was also a huge fan of Sungmin. Although he did write a message, he said he kept thinking of the bride and decided to release the song, which starts at 2:20, and dedicate it to her.

7. “I Give Everything, If You Like It”

This song was written primarily by Sungmin while Haeun, as he explains in the video, did more of the actual arrangement and editing. “I Give Everything, If You Like It” starts at minute 1:40 and is a song of reassurance to the one you love, encouraging them to keep going since your love together is worth it all. The addition of drums to this song keeps the pace going and helps it build into an emotional finale.

8. “I Don’t Know Yet”

“I Don’t Know Yet” was a song written for a fan who wrote in to Sungmin. The young man explained that his girlfriend lived far away and had been talking with other guys, but even though he broke up with her, he was confused because part of him still wanted her to come back to him and work everything out. Capturing those feeling of confusion that follow a break up, this song of hurt and loss starts at minute 2:15.

9. “Listen to the Melancholy”

A song meant to be listened to when you’re feeling down, Sungmin wrote the lyrics for this song when he noticed how many of his fans were discouraged due to exams, school, work and relationships. The actua melody was written by both Sungmin and Haeun and features Eun Juhyeon on the drums. With a sweet, bright sound, you’ll enjoy the track (which starts at 0:40 seconds) entitled “Listen to the Melancholy.”

10. “My Dear”

A song that is really easy for single people to relate to, “My Dear” is a bittersweet song of both sadness and longing while still trying to maintain hope. Written in response to a fan who was facing a lot of loneliness, the song manages to capture the feelings of feeling alone while still wondering where your special someone is in the world. The song starts at minute 2:25, but listen to the whole video to understand the raw emotion throughout the track. With a building piano accompaniment and soaring vocals from Sungmin, this song is one of the most beautiful ones on the list.

Sungmin is such a talented singer and songwriter that you shouldn’t miss out on the beautiful tracks he releases as part of the MilkWave project! In fact, the songs are so good that we hope to hear them on a solo album soon! Some fans are so ready to hear Sungmin’s voice and songs again that they’ve made a petition to SMTOWN to allow him to release a solo album (click here to be directed to the petition which has already garnered 5,000 signatures). Regardless, we will be looking forward to hearing Sungmin’s voice even more in the future— whether performing as a member of Super Junior, as Liu who works with Haeun for MilkyWave, or onstage singing his heart out in a musical!

In the meantime, don’t miss out on Sungmin’s other creative, funny, and entertaining content on the rest of his YouTube channel. Click here to be redirected to it.

UPDATE: As of November 4th, SMTOWN has confirmed that Sungmin will be releasing his first solo album later this month! Stay tuned for more amazing music from this talented singer-songwriter!

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Featured Image: SMTOWN
Media: LIUstudio

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