WATCH: Androgynous Group Re-Debuts As Fanxy Red Through “T.O.P.” MV

 WATCH: Androgynous Group Re-Debuts As Fanxy Red Through “T.O.P.” MV

Fanxy Red is here!

On August 28th KST, the group released their debut single album and music video for “T.O.P.”

The sharp-looking music video intends to cater to a wider audience by being available in Korean and Chinese versions. Their first album, entitled Activate, has five songs in total with three of them being special renditions of the title track.

Fanxy Red was formerly known as China’s All Girl Boy Group, Acrush. They were popularly known to blur gender lines by being females who style themselves to look closer to young males, preferring to consider themselves as “handsome youths.”

The team decided to leave their previous company in 2018 and then went on to re-debut as a four-person team under Tov Entertainment with new stage names. They currently consist of Shawn, K, Roy, and Marco.

Watch the music videos below!

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MEDIA: Tov Entertainment

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