WATCH: Henry Lau Sings Of Regrets In New MV For “I Luv U”

 WATCH: Henry Lau Sings Of Regrets In New MV For “I Luv U”

Henry Lau has released the music video for his newest track, “I Luv U.”

The gorgeous song is set off perfectly by the video which gives off a sophisticated, mature vibe. Henry is seen dressed in a black suit and singing at an upscale restaurant. As the shot widens, we see his gaze is captured by a beautiful young woman who is listening to the song. Echoing the lyrics of the track— which speak of seeing someone who reminds him of his past love— Henry’s voice soars while his mind begins to remember sweet moments with his former love and their eventual parting. Overall, the video manages to capture the song’s emotional and bittersweet confession of love to someone who is no longer in their life.

The video was produced by Cathy Kim and Daehye Noh, while produced by Stella Kim. Meanwhile, the beautiful female love interest in the video is played by Hong Suzu, a model that has already become known to K-pop fans through her friendship with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and her appearance in the video of “SSFW” by EXO’s Chanyeol.

Check out the beautiful song and video below! What do you think?

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Media: Monster Entertainment Group

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