WATCH: FYKE Drops New “THE EDGE” MV Featuring James Lee

 WATCH: FYKE Drops New “THE EDGE” MV Featuring James Lee

FYKE has released a new song and video!

On July 25th at midnight EST, the California-based band dropped the video for “THE EDGE.” The song features artist James Lee, former member of Royal Pirates and current solo star.

The music video shows the lonely wanderings around a city at night as the lyrics to the song play out across the screen. The song talks about being so anxious and depressed that you feel like there is nothing left, but right when you feel like you will fall, someone who loves you pulls you from the edge.

FYKE is a five-member band who consistently puts out great music with encouraging messages that point to a higher path in life. With the release of “THE EDGE,” it’s certain that their newest song will speak to their many fans.

Meanwhile, the song was produced by lead singer Enik Lin, while the video itself was directed by Brad Wong.

Check out the MV below! What do you think?

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Media: FYKE Official

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