WATCH: Rapper BewhY Releases New Album And “GOTTASADAE” MV

 WATCH: Rapper BewhY Releases New Album And “GOTTASADAE” MV

Rapper BewhY is back with his new full-length album, The Movie Star”! 

On July 25th KST, the multi-talented rapper dropped the music video for his title track, “GOTTASADAE.”

With its consistent and interesting fast-paced sound, the song leaves no space for dead air. The accompanying music video complements the overall feel with its dark and eerie aesthetic. The bizarre stables, the symbolism of tormented souls, and the silent masked men all give off an unsettling appeal to the audience. 

His new LP has 12 tracks in total. All of them were written, composed, and arranged with BewhY. Several equally talented artists were also featured on the album, namely Crush, Simba Zawadi, Verbal Jint, SUMIN, C JAMM, and Khundi Panda

Watch the music video below!

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