WATCH: KNK Makes A High-Toned Return With “Sunset” MV

 WATCH: KNK Makes A High-Toned Return With “Sunset” MV

KNK is here!

On July 15th at 6 p.m. KST, the groups released their fourth single along with a music video for “Sunset.”

The song, which was written by Dalgui and Dono, along with the songs “We Are the One” and “I Wished” make up the three-track fashion-themed KNK S/S Collection single. The accompanying music video for the “Sunset” showcases the art and runway theme while also showing off the group’s execution of intricate choreography.

KNK last returned their new member, Lee Dongwon, in January with “Lonely Night.”

Watch the music video below!

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