WATCH: BTS Shows Their Individual Journeys In “Heartbeat” MV For BTS WORLD

 WATCH: BTS Shows Their Individual Journeys In “Heartbeat” MV For BTS WORLD

BTS WORLD’s full OST is here!

On June 28th at 6 p.m. KST, BTS dropped the full album for the soundtrack of their game, BTS WORLD. Along with the OST, a music video has been released for it’s title track, “Heartbeat”!

Produced by DJ Swivel, the song expresses their deep gratitude each other and everyone who gave their support.

The music video takes the audience on their individual journeys, showing them a glimpse of what could have been if they took a different path. It also relives their choices to come together from backgrounds and turn into highly sought-after idols they are today.

Included in the BTS WORLD OST album are three more songs: “Dream Glow,” “A Brand New Day,”and “All Night.”

BTS WORLD is an interactive simulation game that gives players and fans to access exclusive content like photos and videos while also allowing them the chance to interact with BTS members themselves.

Check out the music video below!

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