WATCH: RBW Entertainment’s ONEWE Releases MV For “0&4”

 WATCH: RBW Entertainment’s ONEWE Releases MV For “0&4”

ONEWE is here!

On May 17th KST, the band dropped a music video for their B-side track, “0&4.” The song uses a playful way to describe drawing a line between their personal life and public life. Members Kanghyun, CyA, and Yonghoon helped with writing and composing the song.

The music video simply shows them as a band, brightly performing the song while injecting some mischievous moments in between.

ONEWE’s members were previously from Modern Music and debuted as MAS 0094 before deciding to re-debut under RBW Entertainment.

Watch the music video here:

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MEDIA: RBW Entertainment

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