PHOTO GALLERY: ATEEZ Impressively Heats Up The Stage On First U.S. Tour

 PHOTO GALLERY: ATEEZ Impressively Heats Up The Stage On First U.S. Tour

Rookie group ATEEZ just recently finished their first U.S. tour before heading on to Europe to continue the party! Meanwhile, What The Kpop was there on the front lines to see just how it all went down and to bring you exclusive photos of the amazing time.

On March 22nd, ATEEZ performed in Atlanta, just one of the stops on their sold out ATEEZ: The Expedition Tour. As someone who was only familiar with ATEEZ through their debut tracks and videos, I came out of the experience being very impressed with their high energy stages, dynamic performances, and impressive skills! Despite being a new group, they give off a professional vibe that sets them apart from most rookie groups these days. It is perhaps that fact alone that has made them such an instant hit with fans!

When combining that with their fierce, hip-hop style and and amazing dance moves, it seems no wonder why international fans in particular have fallen in love with the group. Taking on the urban sound of their senior group BLOCK B, all while adding in their own unique flare, they also deliver what many hip-hop idol groups fail to bring: great choreography! Witnessing all of these factors combined onstage were enough to convince me that this group was worthy of their hype and would definitely be around on the K-pop block for a long time to come.

Right before the start of the concert, the WTK photographer and I settled into the press area in front of the barricade that blocks the first row from the stage. With the entire venue of fans just behind our ears, the sound suddenly became truly deafening as the introduction video began to play and the house lights were lowered. The noise was so loud that my ears began to ring as the happy throng of people screamed in excitement. Soon, the group appeared on stage and immediately began to bring the house down with a performance of “Pirate King.”

As someone who has seen almost 200 Korean artists and idols live in concerts, I’m used to being impressed with live stages. However, the absolute fierceness with which this rookie group pounded the stage was noteworthy to say the least. Their strength was apparent in the loud sounds of their stomps and jumps, even managing to be heard over the cheers and screams at my back.

At the many events I’ve attended as both fan and press, the groups that come out usually take one to two songs to really heat things up and get into their routine before they become comfortable enough to start making eye contact with fans and delivering the popular fan service for which K-pop is famous. However, from the very first moment ATEEZ stepped onstage, their confidence was overflowing and they managed to interact with the fans instantly. Even as I sat there, taking notes and mentally composing my review, I found myself grinning at the stage as one member after another caught my eye to smile, wink, nod or generally show off with their choreography or sexy dance moves. It was at that moment, I realized what the draw was about this group: pure, unadulterated charisma.

As the night progressed, the group proceeded to charm fans with their performances of songs like “Desire,” “Light,” “HALA HALA,” and more. Through it all, their energy never failed and their smiles never slowed down. They were able to keep giving their absolute 100% best effort from start to finish, and through it all, they even managed to make it look easy somehow.

After our allotted time for photos was over, we moved to the side of the stage where we could see both the stage and fans— giving us a wider view for our review of the event. Even when things slowed down or the group was talking, fans remained transfixed with their eyes on the stage. During a special question and answer time, I saw numerous fans burst into tears or become unable to stand when their questions were chosen and answered by the members of ATEEZ. Yet through it all, it didn’t feel contrived or just simply emotional hype from over-excited fans. Their passion for ATEEZ was nearly palpable as they seemed genuinely overwhelmed to be addressed directly from the stage. Yet, no hint of arrogance was displayed from the members up front. Instead, each member just continued smiling, laughing, and chatting with fans— seemingly enjoying every moment and each interaction with the crowd.

Throughout my career as a writer, I’ve attended concerts, fan meetings, press conferences , red carpets, and more with both newbie groups and experienced, senior artists. In fact, out of all the huge groups in K-pop at the moment, I’ve seen almost all of them in their rookie states as well: BTS, EXO, MONSTA X, GOT7, WANNA ONE, and more. However, what I experienced at the Atlanta stop of the ATEEZ concert was unique. They were both brimming in confidence, yet humble. Polished and professional, yet still maintaining the high energy and excitement of a rookie group. Experienced in their skills, yet still committed to proving themselves by giving it their all on stage.

Overall, the night was a massive success! Thanks to the superb effort of both ATEEZ and MyMusicTaste— whose concerts and productions are always a joy to attend due to their organization and smooth running of each event, every fan in the place left bubbling over in excitement and unable to make themselves step away from the venue. I watched as they poured out of the high-touch event— crying, squealing, and still fan-girling and boying to their hearts’ content in the leftover rush of adrenaline that comes from seeing an amazing concert.

It was obvious that not a single fan left disappointed in the night’s event. Meanwhile, others like myself, left knowing that this was a group to watch out for— a group that will undoubtedly be making their own mark on K-pop and soon joining the ranks of the few, elite K-pop groups who have been accepted into the American music scene. After all, with their skills, personality and undeniable charm, what could possibly hold ATEEZ back in the future?

Check out more of our exclusive photos below! You can click on each image to enlarge it, then simply scroll through the gallery.

Did you attend any of the ATEEZ stops in the U.S.? If not, you still have time to see them in Europe! Follow MyMusicTaste on social media by clicking here and get more information about the tour. If you missed out on tickets for this in-demand tour, you can still be a part by snagging some of their exclusive tour merchandise.

Let us know what you thought of the tour and which stop you attended by tweeting to us @whatthekpop! Many thanks to ATEEZ and MMT for allowing us to attend the concert as press.

Media: What The Kpop
Writer: Amy Leigh
Photographer: Elizabeth Bruce


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