WATCH: Sunmi Makes A Bold Statement About Society In New “Noir” MV

 WATCH: Sunmi Makes A Bold Statement About Society In New “Noir” MV

Sunmi is finally back!

On March 4th, the talented artist dropped the music video for “Noir.” The thought-provoking video portrays Sunmi in different difficult situations: facing online criticism and netizens, battling anxiety and depression as a result of their hate, and getting trapped into the world of social media where we feel it necessary to share everything about our lives all for the sake of likes.

The video makes a bold statement about Sunmi’s view of our current society, leaving no doubt exactly what she thinks of the way we use social media to feel loved and validated. She also uses various examples to point out what pretense is seen through social media, showing herself sitting alone at her birthday as her cake catches on fire. However, she then breaks out into big, fake smiles as she begins a live video on SNS and acts happy for viewers. However, she also seems to hint at the opposite side of things where people fake being sad to get attention online.

Check out the music video below! What do you think? (*Please note that this video may be triggering to some people as it touches on depression and suicide.)

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Media: 1theL

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