14 K-pop Songs You Should Listen To This Valentine’s Day

 14 K-pop Songs You Should Listen To This Valentine’s Day

Since it’s February, many people around the globe are thinking of love! To get you in a romantic mood, here are 14 K-pop songs you should listen to this Valentine’s Day! Get ready to let your hearts overflow with love with these charming and lovely songs!

1. “Dream” by Suzy and Baekhyun

This song is performed Bae Suzy and EXO member Baekhyun, a collaboration between SMTOWN and JYP Entertainment. The song is a described as an R&B song with jazz and neo seoul sounds and tells the story of a couple falling in love with each other. With a gorgeous set, live band, and great acting with Baekhyun and Suzy’s adoring looks, this is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

2. “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang

This song by Taeyang is very popular not only among South Koreans but also among K-pop fans around the world. To add to the romantic vibe, this is also the same song Taeyang performed and dedicated to his wife on their wedding day.

3. “I Want You” by SHINee

This song is one of the latest tracks released by SHINee. From the title “I Want You,” it should come as no surprise that this track talks of loving and wanting a special person. Hearing someone say that they only want you and no one else will surely bring butterflies to your stomach!

4. “No Other” by Super Junior

This song from Super Junior is very cute and lively. It tells of a girl like no other— a unique girl with a sweet smile and good personality— and Super Junior wants to show her that she deserves a guy that will protect her always. Have you already found your girl like “no other”? What about your happy guy that will protect you? If not, we’re sure they’re right around the corner!

5. “Everytime” by Chen and Punch

This is an OST by Punch and EXO‘s Chen from the drama “Descendants of the Sun.” This is the famous K-drama where Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo acted opposite each other and eventually became a couple in real life. As such, just by listening to this song, you can imagine how they fell in love— maybe their heart fluttered when they saw each other’s eyes just like the song describes!

6. “Ring My Bell” by Suzy

A love song about when you love someone but cannot confess due to your fear of ruining things. It’s a track that relays the message of  “I am hoping that you will feel my love for you; I am waiting for you so please Ring My Bell and let’s love each other.”

7. “You & I” by Kim Jong Wan

This song will make you feel what pure and true love is. Just from the kind of love story they portrayed in the K-drama the song was sung for, the track conveys what pure and true love is really all about. Even from the melody of the song, you can feel the sincerity and innocence of their love.

8. “Confession Song” by GOT7

As you can tell by the title, this song by GOT7 is a song about confessing your love for someone. The music video follows students confessing their love to their schoolmate with the help of the group. Are you planning to confess to someone on Valentine’s Day? This might be a perfect song to use!

9. “Love Song” by Yook Sung Jae

This song is perfect for students, since it was from the drama “School 2015.” The lyrics share emotions that a student would feel when they are in love, and from the beat and melody of the song, it will bring back memories of young love.

10. “Replay” by SHINee

Another song from SHINee, this tells of a different kind of love story. Noona is a word used  by younger males when they address an older female, and this song tells of a noona that is just too pretty in SHINee’s eyes. There’s no age limit for love, right? So, as long as you love each other, then go for it!

11. “Beautiful” by Crush

This song by Crush is one of most famous tracks from the hit drama “Goblin.” It says that the singer had a beautiful life because they met their soul mate and that if they ever lost them, their beautiful life would turn sorrowful. Whether you have experienced a beautiful or sorrowful life, everyone can relate to this song.

12. “You Are My Everything” by Gummy

When someone tells you that you are their everything, doesn’t it make your heart flutter or beat fast? You will feel butterflies in your stomach from this gorgeous song that is so sincere that it could melt your heart just by listening to it.

13. “My Answer” by EXO

This song from EXO will really make you fall in love with their vocals. The song feels very sincere and the moment they sing the part “the answer is you,” it will really strike a chord in your heart. Imagine this song playing at your wedding as you walk down the aisle in a white dress and see the love of your life waiting for you down front.

14. “Love Scenario” by iKON

What K-pop fan doesn’t know this song? Even elementary students in South Korea love this song that is all about remembering your past love scenario. From the moment that you met until the last memories you had, this song talks about a former love. Even though it does not have a happy ending, the concept of love is still there in their love scenario.

What do you think of the songs on this list? Since it’s a day for love, we hope you know the staff at WTK loves and appreciates you! Let’s spread love this Valentine’s Day!

Yumi is an avid fan of Korean culture and and a multi fandom fan of Kpop groups since 2014. Watching Korean dramas is her hobby ever since. 

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