An Interview With Seo In Young: From Idol Star To Sophisticated Soloist

 An Interview With Seo In Young: From Idol Star To Sophisticated Soloist

Multi-talented star Seo In Young got her start under the stage name Elly as a member of the idol group Jewelry.The group debuted in 2001, eventually going on to become the longest-running girl group in K-pop history before they disbanded in 2015. Although the group had several changes to the lineup through the years, the name of Jewelry— and its members— has long since been loved by the Korean public.

The talented singer went on to make her official solo debut in 2007, releasing various albums over the years and dabbling in a variety of styles and genres that showed off her versatility as an artist. In the K-pop world where competition is fierce, all but one of In Young’s mini-albums successfully charted in the top 25 on Gaon Charts. As a singer who first became known for her strong dance moves, In Young set out to prove herself as a strong vocalist as well.

Not one to limit herself to music, however, In Young also made her mark on TV where she has participated in hit shows like “We Got Married,” as well as branching out into acting. Her appearances on programs like “Knowing Bros” made her episode one of the top-rated episodes of the show for the entire year and her powerful voice makes her a favorite on shows like “Immortal Songs.”

What The Kpop recently had a chance to chat with this multi-talented star to see what she has been up to lately and what our readers can expect to see from her next. From sweet idol star to sophisticated and sexy soloist, read on to learn more about the lovely Seo In Young.

Could you please give a brief introduction for our readers who may not have heard of you?

Hello, I’m singer Seo In Young. I’m so happy to say hello to you.

These days, what kind of music are you listening to yourself?

I perform mostly dance tracks and ballads, but these days I am listening to a lot of jazz. I like and respect Etta James, Amy Winehouse, and Jorja Smith. I listen to a lot of music these days!

What do you think is important when you sing?

I think it is important to deliver lyrics naturally and comfortably. It shouldn’t be forced. I think the tone should be attractive.

What current projects are you working on right now? Is there anything specific you would like to work on in the future?

I have done several genres of music so far, but I still would like to challenge myself [with more]. I am thinking of what to do with myself as a female singer in her 30’s. I want to highlight my own color and style of dance.

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?

I have done a lot of collaborations, and I especially loved the time I have spent with Zion.T and Gaeko. I really like the producer Mark Robinson, but I think given the chance, it would be fun to work with Jorja Smith. I haven’t collaborated with another female yet and I would like to.

For those who are new to you, which one of your songs do you recommend they start with?

I personally really like “Anymore” and the ballad “Let’s Breakup.”

Earlier this year, you reunited with your previous group members from Jewelry on the popular show “Sugarman 2” and were even able to perform together again. What was that experience like?

It was Jung Ah’s suggestion that Jewelry came together for the reunion and sing “One More Time.” I was grateful to just be able to sing [one of] our popular songs together once more.

You are from the first generation of K-pop! How do you think K-pop has changed over time? Which groups are you interested in these days?

I think it’s changed a lot in many ways. I listen to a lot of music from idol groups these days, but listening to good music has never changed. I hope there are many singers who continue to perform various genres. Of all the friends I have made, I think BLACKPINK is a group to watch. They have a good style and good music. I look forward to what they put out in the future.

When it comes to your personal style, do you prefer performing dance tracks or ballads? 

I love both dance and ballad. I can’t choose between them. They each have their own attractiveness. I am grateful I can do both and my fans enjoy both styles.

Many K-drama fans will also recognize you from TV! Is there anything you would like to take on with acting?

Luckily, I had the chance to be involved with the drama “One More Happy Ending” with actress Jang Nara. Because of that, I got to experience for the first time acting’s attractiveness. Whether in a drama or a movie, I would like to try a role that is different from the image the public has of me.

Let’s end with a fun question! Will you tell us three things about yourself we probably don’t know?

I actually think I am very normal off stage. I am a mother to puppies, so I am always with my dogs. I listen to my favorite [types of] music every single day— which includes a lot of LPs these days. I binge watch a lot of American dramas, and I have started reading books about singers from the 1920s through 1960s. The fashion back then was so interesting!

Seo In Young has proven she has a lot to offer the entertainment world, whether through music, acting, or variety shows. And whether tackling sensual R&B or fun pop songs, she shows that same versatility in her choice of songs as well. As an artist under Soribada, you can keep up with In Young’s activities by following her on social media by clicking here.

Listen to Seo In Young’s newest release “Believe Me” below!

Were you glad to hear from Seo In Young? What part of the interview surprised you the most? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

Media: Soribada

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