An Interview With Hwang In Sun: From “Produce 101” To Multi-Talented Solo Artist

 An Interview With Hwang In Sun: From “Produce 101” To Multi-Talented Solo Artist

What The Kpop recently had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with the lovely Hwang In Sun. A solo singer who first came to national attention as the lovable “Auntie Hwang” on “Produce 101,” she is now a solo singer with a mature and sophisticated concept that is hard for many female idols to pull off.

The gorgeous 31-year-old made her official debut back in 2014 before releasing a series of singles. However, it wasn’t until her “Produce 101” appearance shot her to fame in 2016, ultimately leading to her first album in 2018.

A thoughtful artist who has much she wants to communicate through her music, Hwang In Sun was bright and kind during the interview, happily posing for pictures and being friendly with all the staff present— showing that her friendly “Auntie Hwang” behavior isn’t just for show but is her own charming personality.

Check out her interview below!

For those of our readers who may be unfamiliar with you, could you give us an introduction?

Hello, my name is Hwang In Sun, and I am mainly known for being on a show called “Produce 101” as Auntie Hwang.

As Auntie Hwang on “Produce 101,” what was it like being the oldest contestant?

When I first decided to go on the show, I wasn’t aware of how young everyone would be. Once I appeared, I noticed just how much younger all the other contestants were. In Korean culture, there is a big emphasis on seniority, and at first, I felt the age gap a lot between me and the other contestants. It took time but eventually I could “lower myself” and go to the other girls as more of a family figure or “auntie” rather than a senior, and we ended up getting along very well.

What or whom do you miss the most from the show?

There are a lot of people I met while on the show that are doing well now: Weki Meki, April, Kim Chungha, and the other members of I.O.I. When I see them performing, I am happy. Being on the show together, we formed a bond that brought us together as a family. When I can see them in person at award shows, I am always happy and we can all still talk with each other. It’s good to catch up with everyone when we can. It is difficult since we all have our own schedules, but we always talk when we see each other. The most memorable moment for me was performing “24 Hours.”  That song was a mixture of trot and R&B. I got to be the main vocal, and I think that song suited me the best.

Which artists do you look up to these days? Who would you want to collaborate with?

I really respect Ailee because of her vocal strength. I also respect Lee Sun Hi as a singer as well.

What type of music is your favorite to perform?

I really just love performing. With ballads, I can feel my emotions through the songs, but I also majored in dance, so being able to perform live while also dancing is a good feeling. I also feel I am very confident in doing stand-up and monologues, so I want to emcee more when I have the chance.

Which show has been your favorite to emcee or which would you like to do in the future?

Home shopping! I thinks that job suits me well. Life is about selling and I am very confident in doing this. I learned how to promote myself better when working on the home shopping networks. I am very extroverted. Even when I was little, I liked being around people and being in charge of crowds.

What message or feeling do you want listeners to get when they hear your songs?

I didn’t start my singing career until I was 27, and I want people to know that if I can do it, then they can too. You should chase your dreams no matter how late in your life you are. I would like to keep making records to show that it’s not a one time thing. I want to portray happiness, so my followers can see that if you follow your dreams, you can be happy.

The holidays and new year can be especially rough for a lot of people who may be missing family or having a difficult time in their life. Which one of your songs would you recommend to listeners to help them through this time?

I recommend “Can You Hear My Song Now.” It gives out various messages: it could be love, it could be about life, or it could be about facing hardships. Its message is about overcoming problems you face when trying to achieve something in your life. It’s about not giving up with your life. I’ve had difficulties in my new singing career, but when I made the conviction to make something out of it, I became so happy that I made the choice. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m happy.

 Do you feel you are an inspiration to other aspiring singers who are older?

I hope that by just going onto “Produce 101” that I inspired people to start following their dreams— that they could see me and say “I can do that too!”

You have talked before about how you deal with stress and negative comments. What advice would you give to others who also receive such comments?

Learn about “image training.”Whenever there is stress or a conflict, I like to meditate. It’s just like trying to relate and experience to something good by not letting bad experiences get to me. I will project the image of succeeding to myself in my mind. Before going on stage, I will imagine myself on the stage and going through everything. There is research showing how your brain reacts to stress. If I have a past failure, I will use image training to change that into a good memory or a learning experience. Don’t perceive thing as “negative” but take it more as feedback. Turn bad memories into good memories and that will change the way your brain reacts to situations.

When it comes to negative comments, I think it is not good to shy away from negative feedback. Don’t pretend it’s not happening, because then it can catch up and cause you depression and low self-esteem. Be more open towards the public. Deal with it and then let it go. It is healthier that way.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

Currently, I am not only singing, but I own a PC bang in Bangbae-dong. I have a master’s degree in musical modern dancing, which I also teach in a college. I also own an entertainment business, and we are currently training a five-member girl group that is planning to debut next year. I have done what I have wanted to do, now I am doing what I am good at. I want to open a Korean pub “Auntie Hwang’s Pub” that would be similar to the TV show “Cheers.” I have come to a stage where I want to make a bigger impact with my singing. I want to focus more on trot and maybe ballads. My voice fits the genre well.

Finally, is there anything you wish to say to our readers?

When you come to Korea, call me!

Do you have a closing statement?

Not only in the music industry, but I would like to convey an upbeat and optimistic view of Korean culture through my singing and performances. If I can do that, then I will indeed be a very happy Korean and global citizen.

Thank you so much to Hwang In Sun and her team for allowing us this interview! Follow her on Instagram by clicking here or on Facebook by clocking here. You can also watch a live performance of her newest song below!

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