NCT U’s “Baby Don’t Stop” Takes Top Spot On Dazed Magazine’s 20 Best K-pop Songs Of 2018

 NCT U’s “Baby Don’t Stop” Takes Top Spot On Dazed Magazine’s 20 Best K-pop Songs Of 2018

Dazed magazine has released a list of the 20 best K-pop songs of 2018!

The magazine put together a list of 20 songs that they feel are the best ones from the K-pop world this year. While it wasn’t surprising to find some of the tracks on the list, the most refreshing thing was to see the magazine choose what they genuinely felt were the best songs as opposed to the most-popular songs or most-watched videos of the year.

With groups like BTS, EXO, and iKON were all on the list, other groups that racked up millions of views and streams (such as TWICE and BLACKPINK) were notably absent. Instead, underrated groups like April and SF9 made the list.

Taking the number one spot was “Baby Don’t Stop” by NCT U‘s Taeyong and Ten. Upon its release, the song was an instant hit with music producers and critics in the USA. In fact, the track made NCT U become the first Asian artist to be ranked on Apple Music’s Beats 1 List— a chart made up of personal recommendations from Beats 1’s celebrity DJs like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Jayden Smith, and more.

Dazed said of the song, “NCT, on the whole, have gifted the year with a slew of exceptional material, but “Baby Don’t Stop” is mesmerising and, even after 10 months, shows no signs of inducing listener fatigue. While that may be impressive alone, what’s really astonishing is its sense of completeness. There are no overlooked opportunities or missteps, no parts that haven’t been chiseled into their purest form. A combination of intelligent production, experimentation, charisma, and unbridled ambition, “Baby Don’t Stop” is, unironically, a true showstopper.”

In the meantime, check out the full list of Dazed’s top 20 K-pop song from 2018 below! What do you think of the list?

Congratulations to NCT U and all the other amazing artists on the list.

1) NCT U’s Taeyong and Ten – “Baby Don’t Stop”
2) BTS – “Fake Love”
3) (G)I-DLE – “HANN”
4) Red Velvet – “Bad Boy”
5) SHINee – “Good Evening”
6) SF9 – “Now or Never”
7) EXO – “Tempo”
8) Monsta X – “Jealousy”
9) Apink – “I’m So Sick”
10) Stray Kids – “District 9”
11) SNSD’s OH!GG – “Lil’ Touch”
12) fromis_9 – “Love Bomb”
14) MAMAMOO – “Egotistic”
15) APRIL – “Oh My Mistake”
17) gugudan – “Not That Type”
18) Pentagon – “Shine”
19) Dreamcatcher – “What”
20) iKON – “Killing Me”

Source: Dazed Magazine

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