WATCH: JBJ Will Always “Call Your Name” In Final Comeback MV

JBJ has released the music video for their final comeback!

On April 17th, the temporary project group released the video for “Call Your Name.” The bittersweet music video shows the guys enjoying life as they vacation by the sea. Filled with gorgeous scenery, the video is full of sweet messages and footage that will be sure to make fans cry as the group asks people to not forget them.

The group was formed as a fan-imagined  group after the members participated in the hit show “Produce 101: Season 2” and missed out being part of the top 11 finalists. Their labels then agreed to the fans’ wishes and formed a group that would promote temporarily. After enjoying much success, their contracts and have now run out and the group will disband.

Check out their final MV below!

We’ll miss you, JBJ! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Media: 1theK Official

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