Never-Before-Seen Photos Released Of Jonghyun’s Final Concert

 Never-Before-Seen Photos Released Of Jonghyun’s Final Concert

Never-before-seen photos have been released of the final concert of SHINee‘s lead singer Kim Jonghyun.

The concert was held on December 9th-10th at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul. The concert was entitled “INSPIRED” and marked Jonghyun’s fourth Korean concert series. The talented singer performed 25 different songs each night and spent a meaningful time with fans. What was a special event with fans would soon become a bittersweet memory, however, as the singer passed away just eight days later.

Dream Maker Entertainment, the company who produced the tour for Jonghyun, has now released several never-before-seen photos of his final concert. The pictures were released on the 100th day anniversary of his passing and show the singer smiling brightly and giving his all on the stage. Similar photos have been released by both SMTOWN and Dream Maker, but these particular photos were either completely unused before or just not shared in such HD quality.*

Take a look at the beautiful photos below as we remember the final stage of this wonderful singer and let it stand as a legacy to the amazing artist known as Kim Jonghyun.

RIP Jonghyun. We still miss you greatly.

(* Photos confirmed as never-before-seen pictures by Dream Maker staff.)

Media: Dream Maker Entertainment

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