NCT U Becomes First Asian Artist To Rank On Apple Music’s Beats 1 List

 NCT U Becomes First Asian Artist To Rank On Apple Music’s Beats 1 List

NCT has set another amazing record! The recent song “Baby Don’t Stop” by NCT U‘s Taeyong and Ten has become the first song by an Asian artist to ever be ranked on the exclusive Beats 1 list by Apple Music!

On March 29th, it was revealed that NCT U’s new song was officially a part of the Beats 1 playlist of recommended songs. No other Korean or Asian artist has ever managed to be ranked on the list, making the accomplishment an amazing feat for such a rookie group, especially considering the song was only done by two of their members in a special collaboration.

Beats 1 is the only live radio station for Apple Music. In fact, it is officially the largest radio station in the entire world as of March 2017. As opposed to the other algorithm-based internet radio stations from Apple, Beats 1 was started as a way to “curate cool new music, whether it be new talent or fresh music from established artists.” In fact, Apple Music pushed hard to establish the project in 2015, bringing in famous celebrities, such as Jayden Smith, to become DJs of their own shows. They have also brought in major players like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and more for special segments and interviews.

The driving force behind Beats 1 is to allow the professional artists and DJs to carefully select the best songs in their opinions and recommend them to viewers through programming. As opposed to music that is simply popular or just highly requested by fans, these are peer-chosen tracks from the host of panelists and professional DJs. As such, the list has always been extremely exclusive, never before giving credence to Kpop and generally focusing on hip-hop, rock, and indie from the U.S. and the United Kingdom. That is why NCT U being the first Asian artist, in particular the first Kpop artist, to appear on this list alongside artists like Drake, Post Malone, ZEDD, and Kendrick Lamar is such a huge accomplishment.

Each week, the radio stations goes through all the songs recommended by their DJs and compiles the best 50 songs  into one list. Afterwards, they then published it on Apple Music, a list that diehard music fans turn to for great new recommendations and the true “best of the best” in music.

Congratulations, NCT U! Congratulations especially to Taeyong and Ten! You can support this song, as well as the rest of NCT’s other new tracks, by purchasing their new album NCT 2018 Empathy. 

If you haven’t watched the great new video for “Baby Don’t Stop,” check it out below. You can also click HERE to see the current Beats 1 list.

Media: SMTOWN, Apple Music

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