Top 6 Reasons To Listen To DAY6

As bands are becoming more and more popular in the Kpop scene, DAY6 is one of the front-runners in the league. DAY6 is the first band produced by JYP Entertainment. They are made up of five members: Sungjin (leader, vocals, guitar), Jae (vocals, guitar), Young K (vocals, rap, bass), Wonpil (vocals, keyboard), and Dowoon (drums).

They entered the music industry with the catchy “Congratulations” (watch it by clicking HERE) that still rings in the ears of My Days (DAY6 fans). Two years into their career, DAY6 has already established themselves not just as a band but also as songwriters. The band is known for writing and composing their own music, gaining them even more fans!

Let’s check out six more reasons why you should listen to DAY6!

1) Best Of Both Worlds

While DAY6 intended to take a less common route towards acknowledgement, Jae once mentioned that they are somehow in the middle of idols and bands. They are certainly aiming to focus on concerts and busking events, but it doesn’t mean they’re not open to appearing on music shows and variety shows!

In fact, Jae has been a host for Arirang’s “After School Club” since June 2016. You may have also seen the group on the popular idol show “Weekly Idol.” With DAY6, you definitely get the best of both worlds!

2) Quirky & Loveable

DAY6 is also known to be composed of five interesting personalities with their own special traits. Leader Sungjin is known to be a “dance machine” (if you enjoy random dancing that is!). Jae, on the other hand, is infamous for his hilarious tweets and his entertaining videos on his own YouTube channel!

Young K is admired by fans for his wit and very dedicated student life. He is a student in Dongguk University under the Business Administration major. Wonpil (with his pink sweater) just likes to have fun and show a lot of aegyo! Their maknae, Dowoon, may seem quiet and shy at first, but his true personality is really quirky and loveable.

3) Amazing Covers

With almost weekly gigs on radio shows, DAY6 has not failed in the area of covering songs— whether it be Korean or English! Some fan favorites are their covers of OneRepublic’s “Stop and Stare,” fellow labelmate TWICE‘s “Like OHH-AHH” and many more. Each individual member has also done many covers personally. Some of the ones that stood out to fans being Jae’s cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” and Young K’s cover of Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars.” Watch “Stop and Stare” below, then head on over to YouTube to check out the seemingly endless supply of their amazing covers!

4) Monthly Comebacks

2017 in particular was nothing short of great for DAY6 as they launched early in the year their Every DAY6 project. This was a year-long project where they released two new songs on the sixth of each month. It certainly showed a lot of versatility for the group as they kept coming out with songs in different genres. The best part about these comebacks was certainly not just the new music videos monthly, but the amazing B-side tracks that went along with the releases. While we don’t know what all the group has in store for 2018, we’re sure it will be another amazing year for the group!

5) You Become Their Lyricist!

In an effort to keep connecting with their fans, DAY6 also did a special type of V LIVE entitled, “DAY6 Composer, YOU Lyricist.” Fans watching the broadcast are encouraged to write down lyrics to which DAY6 creates the song! Isn’t that just the best way to connect with your favorite band? Impromptu instruments, vocals, and rap will surely make you fall in love with DAY6.

6) Happy, Sad, Mad? No Problem!

Of the many feelings you can have in a day, DAY6 has you covered! While they are at their best with mellow rock songs like “I Smile” or “You Were Beautiful,” there are also a lot of other genres they have pulled off fantastically. From loose, feel-good tracks such as “DANCE DANCE” and “Freely” to seriously deep songs like “Colors” and “I Need Somebody,” DAY6 will not fail to catch your own hidden emotions. While DAY6 has released a lot of great title songs, never forget to check out their other tracks because they are truly hidden gems!

If you’ve never listened to them before, DAY6 is definitely a band worth checking out. Not only are they amazingly talented and great musicians, they are also funny, entertaining, and sweet!

Are you a fan of DAY6? Why do you recommend them to other Kpop fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

beatrice has been a follower of the Korean industry since late 2009. From then on, she cultivated an obsession over mostly boy groups/singers and dramas. beatrice is a libra whose heart is full of singing, music, and photography.

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