Song Ji Hyo Cast In Korean Remake Of “Absolute Boyfriend”

 Song Ji Hyo Cast In Korean Remake Of “Absolute Boyfriend”

Great news for Song Ji Hyo fans!

The lovely actress has been cast in the upcoming rom-com drama “Romantic Comedy King,” an adaptation of the Japanese manga series “Absolute Boyfriend’’ by Yuu Watase. She will be working alongside “Master: God of Noodles’’ star Chun Jun Myung.

“Romantic Comedy King’’ is a sci-fi romantic comedy drama which tells the story of Da Da (Song Ji Hyo) who is a special effects makeup artist. She has a cold heart due to heart ache from her past love. She has a robot named Young Goo who was programmed to be her perfect boyfriend. Then comes Ma Wang Joon (Chun Jung Myung),a top actor who falls in love for her. She gets entangled in a love triangle between Ma Wang Joon and her robot boyfriend Young Goo.

Who will she choose? Will her heart choose the human Ma Wang Joon or her absolute boyfriend robot Young Goo?

The Korean adaptation of manga series will be directed by Jung Jung Hwa, director of tvN’s hit program “Flower Boy Next Door.’’

“Romantic Comedy King’’ is in the middle of casting other potential actors who fit the supporting roles. The drama is expected to air in the first half of 2018.

Who’s excited for this drama? Let us know by your comments below.

ging1030 is a multi-fandom fan of Kpop since 2010. She enjoys watching Asian dramas and variety shows like “Running Man”. She is an avid fan of Song triplets and Song Joong Ki.  For her, Kdrama is life. They are her inspirations in life so she can live on and do what her heart desires!


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  • i’m super excited to see Song Ji Hyo again n a new romcom, she is the queen of romance and chemistry

  • thank you for your comment Lily. I hope for a good pair and good chemistry with absolute boyfriend adaptation.

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