8 Kpop Songs Stuck In Our Heads Since 2008

 8 Kpop Songs Stuck In Our Heads Since 2008

Every year, we’re showered with a couple of great releases, but only few are indeed timeless. The year 2008 boasted groups that saw the peak of their careers, as well as debuts that would produce some of the most loved groups today. It was also a huge turning point for Korean music as the mid-to-late 2000s were a time the Korean Wave truly started to take the world by storm.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest hits from ten years ago! Which one is your favorite?

1) SS501 – “Déjà Vu”

Known as one of the household names of Asia, SS501, released “Deja Vu”in March 2008. Long hairstyles, a flashy music video, and a catchy hook were the base elements of Korean pop songs during this era. SS501 delivered just that in one of their greatest hits. Doesn’t this feel pretty much like…. deja vu?

2) Lee Hyori – “U-Go-Girl”

“U-Go-Girl” was Lee Hyori‘s hit single which put her name up in the hall of fame as a solo singer. Girl power was at the center of this song which definitely resonated with the public. In addition to that, who can resist how lovely and sexy Lee Hyori is?

3) SHINee – “Replay”

The humble beginnings of SHINee started out as five cute guys who was just innocently admiring their crush. The laidback vibe made this song easy to love. But don’t be fooled as the song actually comes with a very energetic performance which highlighted an image only SHINee could deliver and would easily maintain throughout the following years.

4) BIGBANG- “Haru Haru” 

Undoubtedly still one of their most popular songs, “Haru Haru” was called as the “epitome of BIGBANG‘s sound.” The tone of the song delivers melancholy feelings while still maintaining elements of a classic dance song. The mood of the song was made perfect with a dramatic music video that accurately depicted the tragic message of its lyrics.

5) Rain – “RAINISM”

Rain proved he was indeed the baddest of the bad boys with his 2008 runaway hit, “RAINISM.”  It was popular enough to have Rain release an English version of the song! In fact, his strong performance skills were loved all over Korea and became an iconic dance and song still loved today. While he had already established himself in the industry, this release further solidified his presence.

6) Wonder Girls – “Nobody”

The kick off to what would become one of the high moments at JYP Entertainment was the release of Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody.” This smash hit definitely gave the last song syndrome to anyone who heard it! Roughly a year after its release, it was re-released in a full English version. Its popularity was so huge that legal action had to be taken as various groups and actresses had been plagiarizing the song, dance, and costumes!

7) 2PM – “10 Out of 10”

The original beast idols 2PM came in with their acrobatic stunts and a catchy debut song. The group boasted a very masculine image combined with impressive performance skills which made their debut one of the most memorable entries into the industry. What else is there to say about this group? They’ll definitely always deliver a “10 Out of 10” performance!

8) TVXQ – “Mirotic”

Last, but definitely not least, is one of Korea’s best-selling songs by TVXQ. The music video features the members simply charming their way into your heart (and your ears!) with a sleek, sexy performance. “Mirotic” is known to be the most critically successful release of the group to date and is still remembered as one of the most iconic Kpop songs of all times.

Which song from 2008 is still ringing in your ears? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

beatrice has been a follower of the Korean industry since late 2009. From then on, she has cultivated an obsession over mostly boy groups/singers and dramas. Beatrice is a Libra whose heart is full of singing, music, and photography.

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