MAMAMOO’s Solar Shines In Newest Teaser Images

UPDATED: More teaser images have been released for the single album of MAMAMOO‘s Solar. Check it out below. Doesn’t she look so stunning?

UPDATED: MAMAMOO‘s Solar has now released a track list for her upcoming single album!

ORIGINAL: Solar will soon be releasing a new solo track!

On October 10th, Rainbow Bridge World, the home of Solar and her group MAMAMOO, revealed a teaser image for the upcoming track. Solar is seen sitting on a hill, only her profile visible against the bright sunset. She is holding a book and the title reads “Lonely People.”

This will be the newest release as part of “Solar’s Emotion,” making it the fifth song so far and the first one since “Happy People” earlier this year.

The new solo song will be released on October 17th at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the teaser image below! Are you excited for her new song?

Media: RBW

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