WATCH: RAINZ Drops New Teaser Videos For “Juliette” MV

UPDATED: RAINZ has revealed the second set of individual teaser videos for their official debut!

This time, members Sunghyuk, Hyunmin, Daehyeon, and Eunki are the latest to shine in their own teaser video for “Juliette.”

Check them out below. Which video is your favorite?

UPDATED: RAINZ has released the first teaser videos for their upcoming debut MV!

On October 9th, the group revealed three individual teaser videos for their title track, “Juliette.” Members Seongri, Kiwon, and Wontak are the first ones to star in their own teasers, giving fans a look at the upcoming MV and song.

“Juliette” is a track written by Ryan S. Jhun, famous songwriter and producer of hits like SHINee‘s “Lucifer,” Red Velvet‘s “Dumb Dumb,” and “Pick Me (Nayana)” for “Produce 101: Season 2.” Apart from his extensive work for SMTOWN artists like Super Junior, SNSD, EXO, TVXQ, and more, he has also written for artists such as Lee Hyori, Girl’s Day, U-KISS, and more.

Check out the teasers below! What do you think?


UPDATED: The upcoming “Produce 101: Season 2” project group RAINZ has revealed a new group teaser image, as well as the tracklist for their upcoming debut album!

Check it out below!

UPDATED: RAINZ has released the next set of individual teaser images for their upcoming debut mini-album, Sunshine.

On October 5th, the group dropped teasers for members Hong Eun Ki, Seo Sung Hyuk, Jang Dae Hyun, and Byun Hyun Min. Don’t the guys looks so handsome? Check out the pictures below.

UPDATED: RAINZ has released the first set of individual teasers for their debut!

Members Kim Seongri, Ju Wontak, and Lee Kiwon are the first members to appear in the teaser images. The bright colors of the singers’ outfits make a great visual against the greenery and sunshine of the outdoor setting for the photoshoot.

Check it out below!

ORIGINAL: RAINZ will finally be making their debut!

On October 2nd, the new boy group revealed the schedule for their debut! According to the information released, RAINZ is set to make their debut on October 12th KST. Their first mini-album will be entitled Sunshine.

The group was formed from several of the trainees from the hit show “Produce 101: Season 2.” The members include Kim Seong Ri, Byun Hyun Min, Seo Sung Hyuk, Lee Ki Won, Jang Dae Hyun, Ju Won Tak, and Hong Eun Ki.

Although the 12th marks the online release of the debut album if RAINZ, the physical albums will not be released until the following day. The group will also hold a debut showcase on October 12th as well.

Check out the schedule below!

Media: RAINZ Official

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