WATCH: SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Unit Drops “Trauma” MV

SEVENTEEN‘s hip-hop unit has released their new MV!

On October 1st, the sub-unit from the popular idol group revealed the MV for “Trauma.” The members show off their amazing rap and hip-hop skills in the new song and music video that left fans thrilled. The unit is made up of S.Coups, Mingyu, Wonwoo, and Vernon, 

The new video follows the “Change Up” MV that SVT Leaders released earlier this week. The units’ releases are part of the “SEVENTEEN PROJECT CHAPTER 2.” The project acts as a prequel to Al1 and will involve four unit comebacks before ultimately returning as a full group later this year.

Check out the new MV below, and stay tuned for the newest unit video due out soon!

Media: Pledis Entertainment

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