WATCH: MASC Drops Teasers For Upcoming Album

Rookie group MASC will soon be making their comeback!

On September 28th, the group dropped a teaser video for their upcoming release, as well as a series of teaser images. The new song, entitled “Do It,” is the title track off the group’s upcoming single album.

Many Kpop fans were also surprised to see that the group has added four new members since their last comeback with “Tina” in February of this year. The lineup now consists of Doeun, Chibin, Heejae, Woosoo, 26, Ireah, ACE, and Moonbong. The group first hinted at new members in a video teaser that was released less than one month ago.

Check out the teasers below! What do you think of their new concept?

Media: MASC Official

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