BTS Breaks Record For Fastest K-Pop Group To Reach 50 Million Views With “DNA”

BTS just broke another record!

On September 24th KST, the group’s latest title track, “DNA,” reached 50 million views on YouTube, breaking the record set by BLACKPINK this past June. BLACKPINK’s music video for “As If It’s Your Last” hit 50 million views after 14 days and 18 hours. In contrast, BTS’s “DNA” MV passed 50 million in only 5 days and 18 hours!

So far, BTS has already broken multiple records, 10 of which were all broken in a day!

Congratulations to BTS and ARMY!

Check out the eccentric music video for “DNA” below:

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  1. Love you BTS ……the first ever ever kpop I heard was DOPE!❤️❤️😁 Loved it

  2. jimin i love you

  3. I love you BTS


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