Lay Releases New Teaser Images And Album Information

UPDATED: EXO’s Lay has released new teaser images, as well as announced the information for his upcoming album!

On September 27th KST, SMTOWN released a series of teasers for the handsome and talented singer. He is seen in a formal military uniform as if he is sitting for a portrait. He is holding a sheep in most pictures, which makes sense with the new information released!

His new album will be entitled LAY 02 SHEEP and will be released online in Korea and China on October 7th. This date marks the anniversary of Lay’s first solo track, “What U Need,” that was released in 2016. It also happens to be his birthday! The physical album will be released later on October 18th. SMTOWN also revealed that Lay participated in composing, arranging and producing the entire album.

As reported earlier, Lay will be holding a showcase on October 12th, where he will be performing his new songs for the first time.

Check out the teasers below!

UPDATED: Following the release of his initial teaser images yesterday, EXO‘s Lay has now dropped another image for his solo comeback!

The new photo shows Lay himself dressed in jeans and a black sweater, his face turned up to the sky as he closes his eyes. The new image also has additional mysterious elements, including the numbers “23/1/23” and the letters N, E, E, D in the corners of the new photo. It also has the same information and phrases written on it as one of the previous teasers did, and fans quickly noticed that it seems to piece together with the previous one as well. If you rearrange the images side by side, they also fit together to form a picture of Lay as the bottom words spell out “What U Need,” the name of his first solo single released almost a year ago exactly.

Check it out below! Are you excited?


ORIGINAL: Get ready, EXO-L! Lay‘s solo comeback is almost here.

On September 22nd, SMTOWN revealed the first set of teaser images for the EXO member’s comeback. The images are very mysterious and are sure to set the EXO fandom investigating and forming new theories, especially after Lay’s last comeback was revealed to have so many connections through images and scenes with the group’s most recent comeback The War. 

The first teaser image shows Lay standing in a field, looking away into the distance. The second teaser images is strangely labeled “teaser image,” and the third teaser image shows a variety of phrases. “XING XING,” “2017 Brand New Album” and “This Autumn: Tell You A Secret” are all written on the image. It then goes on to include the words “Baby Tell Me Please,” “Code Inside,” and “What.” In addition, random numbers are shown, including one that reads “22/8/2.75”. The image also has the number “9,” as well as something that looks like the number “70.” The meaning of these words and numbers is not clear and only add to the mystery of the images.

Check out the teasers below, and stay tuned for additional information about Lay’s solo comeback!

Who’s excited?


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