JBJ Drops New Teaser Images For Official Debut

UPDATED: JBJ has now released the photo versions of their illustrated teaser images released earlier! In addition, they also dropped a unique moving image where the illustrated pictures slowly turn in to the real photographs.

JBJ will make their official debut on October 18th with “Come True.”

Check them out below. Don’t the members all look so handsome?

ORIGINAL: JBJ is gearing up for their official debut!

On September 21st, the upcoming group released very pretty teaser images with a unique concept. The images are illustrated and show the members almost like manga characters. Although no word was released on who the artist was, it seems an obvious nod to their beginnings as a “fan-imagined” group to use what looks like fan art.

After not making it into the top 11 on “Produce 101: Season 2,” fans started imagining how great it would be to have this set of members in their own group and even dubbed them JBJ (Just Be Joyful). After the demand for the group rose even more, the individual labels of the guys agreed to let them form their own group and promote together.

JBJ will make their official debut on October 18th, followed by a sold-out showcase later that day.

Check out the pretty pictures below! Which one is your favorite?

Media: Naver

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