WATCH: BIGBANG’s Seungri Surprises Fans At G-Dragon’s Tokyo Dome Show

After 23 stops in countries like Thailand, the U.S., and Singapore, G-Dragon is now in Japan! His ACT III: M.O.T.T.E world tour has now brought him to the Tokyo Dome in Japan!

On September 20th, G-Dragon surprised his fans by bringing his biggest fan on stage mid-show! That biggest fan (of course) is his co-member in BIGBANG, Seungri!

The minute these boys shared the stage, they started playing around and teasing each other! GD couldn’t help but mess around with Seungri’s outfit! You can’t expect any less of Seungri, being the wild maknae he is, when he started doing the same back. He picked up a mic and began to mimic and copy G-Dragon’s singing style in his latest comeback song, “Untitled 2014.”

All silliness aside, Seungri and G-Dragon joined together onstage for a fun and energetic performance of “Good Boy”, a collaboration song originally between G-Dragon and Taeyang! With great stage presence, Seungri slayed the dance of “Good Boy,” fitting in perfectly with G-Dragon himself.

After all the fun together on stage, it was ultimately time for G-Dragon to continue on with his performance and for Seungri to leave the stage. But in typical Seungri style, the BIGBANG maknae did not want to leave the stage. Instead, he wanted to spend some more time talking with fans and being on stage with GD.

G-Dragon began to drag the chatting maknae off the stage, but not before he could give his goodbye’s to fans. More importantly, he got to tell them he would see them again at BIGBANG’s end-of-the year dome tour!

Fans can’t get enough of the guys’ interaction on stage, and VIPs everywhere are looking forward to what they will bring us for their end of the year performances!

Ceilidhmh is a dancing machine, but when she isn’t dancing to groups like VIXX, Boyfriend, BTS, EXO, or BAP (and basically every other group that exists) she is either watching a Korean drama, cosplaying, filming, studying for her college classes, and or creating fan art! Basically K-pop has taken over her life for many years… Although she loves boy groups the most, she finds herself falling for every K-pop group she comes in contact with and falls deeper and deeper every day.


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