VIXX’s Leo Hospitalized For Treatment + Drops Out Of Upcoming Activities

VIXX‘s Leo has been hospitalized for his recent health issues.

On September 20th, it was revealed by Jellyfish Entertainment that the popular singer is currently in the hospital and will be dropping out of group activities for a while.

Despite being sick, Leo performed onstage last week for part of his comeback promotions with VIXX LR. Despite his hopes to continue activities for fans, it seems his problems caused from internal bleeding still have not improved. Therefore, he has been hospitalized to receive treatment. The label stated:

“We would like to inform you about the status of Leo’s future activities. First, we would like to thank you for your concern and support. Last week, Leo personally decided to complete his last music show schedule for VIXX LR’s album promotions while getting treated. However, the pains in his stomach from internal bleeding did not improve, therefore he has been hospitalized to receive treatment. As a result, Leo will focus on his recovery instead of scheduled events [including the upcoming Japanese promotions and Seoul fansign]…We apologize for the change to schedule and for the worry caused to fans. We will do our best to focus on Leo’s full recovery. Thank you.”

We at WTK wish Leo the best of luck as he recovers and receives treatment!

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment
Source: Naver

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