WATCH: NU’EST W Reveals Baekho’s Teaser Video For “Where You At”

UPDATED: Baekho is the latest member to star in a teaser video for NU’EST W‘s comeback! Water plays a big part of his teaser video and further hints at the mystery behind the MV. Check it out!

UPDATED: Another teaser video has been revealed for NUEST W‘s comeback! This time, member Aron is next to feature in the mysterious teaser clip, giving fans a further look at the upcoming MV for “Where You At.”

UPDATED: A teaser video for NU’EST W’s comeback has been revealed for member Ren! Doesn’t this new concept look amazing?

UPDATED: NU’EST W has released a teaser video for member JR! What do you think?

UPDATED: NU’EST W has revealed a new teaser in the form of a pre-listening video! Check it out below.

UPDATED: NU’EST W has released new teasers for their comeback with HERE.

On October 5th, the Pledis Entertainment group dropped lyric spoilers for their upcoming title track. The four images show different bedrooms in various states and settings as the lyrics are written across the pictures.

Check it out! What do you think of this unique concept?

UPDATED: NU’EST W has released a schedule for their comeback!

Following the release of the teaser images that were previously dropped, the schedule details the release of the teaser videos that will soon be coming up.

Check it out below to keep up-to-date with the group’s comeback!

UPDATED: NU’EST W has released the tracklist for their comeback!

The group’s new album will have a total of six songs. It appears two of the tracks will be group songs, while the four members will all have solo songs. All of the members contributed to the album through composition and song-writing, and fans are also pleased to see the group collaborating with other Pledis Entertainment artists. In particular, SEVENTEEN member Woozi helped Baekho with his solo song!

The new album, entitled W.HERE, will be out on October 10th! Who’s ready?

Check out the tracklist below!

UPDATED: As expected, NU’EST W has now released a color teaser image for the entire group. Check it out below!

UPDATED: NU’EST W has finally released a group teaser! All members are seen in the picture as they pose with their faces away from the camera. Like individual images, a black-and-white picture has been released, so fans are expecting a color one soon! In addition, there is now a phrase written on the pictures that says, “Still missing, but HERE.”

Check it out below! What do you think of this comeback?

UPDATED: NU’EST W has dropped the color teaser image for Ren! Check it out!

UPDATED: NU’EST W has now revealed the first teaser image for member Ren (Choi Minki). The handsome singer is shown in the black-and-white photo, gazing off camera with a melancholy look on his face. The letter “E” has been added to the picture, now showing fans the word “HERE” that has been spelled out throughout all the teaser images of each member.

Check it out below! What do you think?

UPDATED: NU’EST W has released a color image for member Baekho! Check it out!

UPDATED: NU’EST W has released a new teaser image for Baekho! The singer, known by his real name Dongho on “Produce 101: Season 2,” looks handsome in the black-and-white picture as he stares at the camera. The new image also added the letter “R” to the the caption being spelled out with each new picture.

In addition, the group also dropped a second teaser image for Aron.

Check out the photos below!

UPDATED: On September 22nd KST, NU’EST W revealed the first teaser image for member Aron. After JR’s images featured the letter “H,” Aron’s pictures have added the letter “E” as the group begins to spell something out with each new image.

Check it out below! Are you excited for NU’EST W’s comeback?

UPDATED: A few hours after the release of JR’s initial teaser image, NU’EST W has released another picture of the handsome singer. Check it out!

ORIGINAL: NU’EST W will be making a comeback this October.

On September 21st KST, it was announced that NU’EST W will be releasing teasers in anticipation for their new album. With their newest title track on its way, an image teaser was revealed of member JR (Jonghyun).

The new teaser shows JR in a suave suit with an alluring stare. What caught fans’ eyes was the letter “H” on the photo. What could the letter signify?

NU’EST W’s new album is scheduled for release on October 10th KST.

Will you be following up on NU’EST W’s new album? Who’s excited for their comeback?

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