JBJ Shows Off Their Sexy, Fall Fashion In Star1 Magazine

Even before their official debut, JBJ is already capturing the hearts of fans everywhere.

The group came about after the extremely talented members participated in “Produce 101: Season 2.” Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the top 11 since the show was so full of talent. Known for their happy attitudes and infectious friendliness, fans soon began imagining them as a group and even gave them a name— JBJ (Just Be Joyful).

With so much hype about these loveable guys, their labels soon listened to the wishes of fans and decided to let them debut as a new group. The group is full of talent and will be able to put their experience to use in the days ahead. Their members include Noh Taehyun (also known as Kid Monster), a member of HOTSHOT and a talented dancer. Japanese native Takada Kenta proved his versatility on “Produce 101: Season 2” and was named as one of the most promising trainees by the judges. Kim Yongguk (also known by his Chinese name Longguo) recently debuted in the duo Longguo & Sihyun. Kim Sanggyun (also know as A-Tom) is a member of the idol group Topp Dogg. Kwon Hyun Bin is a model at YGK+, and Kim Donghan showed great promise with his polished skills and dance moves on “Produce 101.”

With their debut right around the corner, the guys took to the newest issue of Star1 Magazine to show off their gorgeous, sexy, dandy style that is perfect for autumn. With luxurious fabrics and rich, fall colors, the group is truly fashion goals! They even hinted that this dandy style will play into their upcoming concept.

Check out the photos below!

Media: Star1 Magazine

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