LISTEN: GOT7’s Youngjae Drops Collaboration Track With Elliott Yamin And Sanjoy

Just in time for his birthday, GOT7‘s Youngjae has released his special collaboration track with Elliott Yamin and Sanjoy!

The song was released on SoundCloud, and fans are already going crazy over the smooth, sexy vibe of the song that perfectly showcases the artists’ talents.

The collaboration came about thanks to the GOT7 fandom. Back in January of this year, Youngjae made a post on his Instagram account wishing that Elliott Yamin would release a new album and saying how he liked his song “Obvi” with Sanjoy. Fans immediately begin tagging Elliott in the comment section, trying to bring the post to his attention. With such overwhelming effort by fans, it wasn’t long before Elliott noticed Youngjae’s post and got in touch with him. Youngjae proceeded to invite him and Sanjoy to GOT7’s concert in LA and talks of a collaboration soon began.

Months later, the song was finally released! “Victim of Love” was dropped under the name Ars (the alias Youngjae uses as a composer), Elliott Yamin, and Sanjoy.

Check out the gorgeous track below! Wasn’t it worth the wait?

Media: SoundCloud, Twitter

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