WATCH: SLEEPY Drops Music Video For New Track “So What”

Rapper SLEEPY of TS Entertainment has dropped an all new track for fans to enjoy.

On September 10th KST, a music video for “맘대로 (So What)” was released. The rap track boasts a groovy rhythm with a trap-style instrumental and the music video is filled with impressive urban settings. “So What” features fellow hip-hop artists BLOO and Liquor k.jr whose collaborative efforts make the song unique.

Other than his solo endeavors, SLEEPY is known for his activity in the hip-hop duo, UNTOUCHABLE. Despite his just recent rise in reality and variety activities, SLEEPY had also gained popularity through his time on the popular couple themed show “We Got Married” with his partner, Gukjoo. The description in the video also states “Professional rapper SLEEPY’s well-made trap hip hop SLEEPY has been recognized as a rapper with an in-depth discography from his experience of ‘Jiggy Fellaz’ hip hop crew. Through the “Show Me The Money 6″, he has rebuilt his image as a professional rapper from an established image like an entertainer.”

Definitely check out the music video below, then feel free to share what you think in the comment section!

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Media: TS Entertainment

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